It's been awhile since I've last updated my blog. I couldn't find the time to actually do it with my current job. Finally here's one for everyone. I started working with HonestBee and man life isn't as easy as it seem to be. It can be all great, fun and laughter but at the same [...]

It was suppose to be easy!

Well I bought a K&N High Flow Performance Pod Filter & a Engine Breather. The engine breather was super easy to do but the pod filter was a nightmare because removing the airbox from thr Aprilia was a heck of a task to do. It wad suppose to be easy just remove the airbox cover [...]

Short ride around the hood?

A short ride around the neighbourhood turns out to be getting things done. Shortly after work ended I was suppose to update a buddy of mine Nicholas whom is currently riding a Yamaha R15 V3, a pretty sweet looking bike honestly but I'm in love with Aprilia. I totally forget to update him with regards [...]

Does it really work?

Alright let's talk about the title of the post "Does it really work?". I've been contemplating about getting the Liqui Moly 4T Additive Shooter and Speed Shooter.I did my research about the additives available in the market but here in Singapore I only managed to find these few selections from Liqui Moly.After days and hours [...]