Today! Today was pretty great. Work have always been insane despite knowing the fact that its Eve of Deepavali I still had pile of work to do. Besides doing the administrative work theres accounting work to do too! Vlookup on 8 different Microsoft Excel files and don't for get SAP gosh hahaha it's a nightmare [...]


I'm savouring my life with freedom and solitude for awhile. I've been away from blogging for awhile now. I miss blogging no doubt I don't have much readers but the least writing seems to help me express my feelings better instead of speaking. It's difficult to express your feelings when you're being judged by your [...]


It's been awhile since I've last updated my blog. I couldn't find the time to actually do it with my current job. Finally here's one for everyone. I started working with HonestBee and man life isn't as easy as it seem to be. It can be all great, fun and laughter but at the same [...]

It was suppose to be easy!

Well I bought a K&N High Flow Performance Pod Filter & a Engine Breather. The engine breather was super easy to do but the pod filter was a nightmare because removing the airbox from thr Aprilia was a heck of a task to do. It wad suppose to be easy just remove the airbox cover [...]

Short ride around the hood?

A short ride around the neighbourhood turns out to be getting things done. Shortly after work ended I was suppose to update a buddy of mine Nicholas whom is currently riding a Yamaha R15 V3, a pretty sweet looking bike honestly but I'm in love with Aprilia. I totally forget to update him with regards [...]