The Urban Jungle.


Living in Singapore as a young adult is seriously difficult and stressful for some. Every bit of this country is rapidly upgrading from educations, technologies and many more. You not only worry about how things changing rapidly but also how your future is like.

I sometimes wonder how my future would be like living in Singapore no doubt I have my own property locally and internationally. It’s stresses me out a lot when my mind starts to wonder away from the cheerful side of my life. Buying and owning a property in Singapore is seriously expensive and what’s chocking most of us is the high standards of living. Bills are so expensive and I don’t like to depend on my parents. I prefer to be more of a independent person because that’s the only way I can learn. Failure is never an option.

Home (Local)

Home (International)

Alright enough of all the stressful and worrying stuffs. I do have things to keep me motivated as of now it’s blogging, cycling and sharing my life with you guys that’s reading.

Well not many know that I love cycling. Cycling is one of the most important things I do in life. First of all cycling is healthy and it keeps me happy and motivated too. I tend to think less when I’m cycling in this urban jungle of mine. It’s not easy cycling in Singapore due to the traffic conditions and how people here drive. Everyone is rushing and I have no idea why but cycling is still manageable.

Here are some pictures/videos of my bicycle and me cycling with a whole group of friends:

Well I don’t have much more to write about for the night but I wish somehow people would feel inspired and cheerful as I am, regardless of where you guys come from. Everyone in this world needs to be happy and to be happy you need to find something you enjoy doing the most and keep doing it.

Goodnight everyone.

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