What a morning? I’m still feeling sleepy, I wish I could sleep longer. Going back home late from work and waking up early for work.

Anyway, I hired uber to send me to work today no doubt my house is near the airport. The morning traffic from my place to airport is insane. It’s so heavy almost every morning.

Oh gosh I’m already at work. Today I’m reporting to a different terminal, how I wish I was attached to Terminal 3 instead of 1. 

I need to relax.

So at Terminal 1 I’m doing BSA & Patrol but at 1130Hours today I will be relocated to a different site for duty as I’m temporarily covering for a officer.

Honestly today is pretty relax and tiring. I’m sitting infront of a shrine or a chinese prayer thingy reflecting on my work today. Don’t get me wrong lol I’m not chinese but from the current post I’m at this is the only place I can be alone and away from everyone’s view for me to have my peace.

Well walking (patrol/providing police presence) all around my work place is pretty awesome. Least I could do is keep myself healthy hahaha.

Here’s an example

For a small compound and I covered a distance of 5.84 km is pretty great at least I get a little bit of entertainment with this health app and colourful graphs or whatever it is.

Terminal 3 Arrival Level 1 (Public Area)

Finally my day at work is over wooohooo what a great day I had at work but still I’m pampering myself by taking uber back home. Just needed to get myself home early and have a really long shower and a goodnight sleep.

Here’s a short light painting photo on my way back home

I took this shot handfree but it would be better if I had a tripod but still the results is great. Loving the Huawei P10 Plus alot. It’s my daily driver now and I’m still impressed with the new features I discover each day. It’s really a worth getting the phone to me at least.

Got home together with a colleague of mine. We’re close so it was comfortable for me to go back home with her. She’s like a sister to me anyway. Well I’m glad I made it back home alive in one piece. Had a great chat with my parents before I knock off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day for me. Enjoying life as it is. 

Home sweet home 

Alright I shall end it here​ as I don’t have much more to write about today. Hope it’s been an interesting read for my fellow readers, vistors and followers. All pictures were taken using my Huawei P10 Plus Manual Shot. Like I said this phone have yet to disappoint me and it’s my daily driver now. I will keep you guys updated regarding the phone from time to time.

Have a good one and goodnight everyone.

P.S I’m enjoying blogging so much.

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