A different kind of day

First and foremost I was late for work by a minute (giggling) I was suppose to report at 8.30am but I reported at 8.31am fortunate enough for me it isn’t a big issue with the higher up, hopefully I won’t be late again.

Alright let’s talk about what’s so different about today. I wasn’t given a deployment today because I’m given a different task and site location today. I’m currently attached with SDU (Airport Cargo Area – 55 Alps Ave/Airline Rd).

The job scope for me as a Auxillary Police Officer here is pretty interesting. Monitoring the movement of traffic and conducting access control duties in a shaded and cool environment. I shall not share so much about the kind of work I do here as it’s pretty sensitive. It’s been a great couple of days so far getting attached to different site/locations and work with other people and gain actual experience of how other duties is like.

What makes work great here under SDU are the people. They are very friendly and willing to teach me as I’ve never been attached with SDU before. The learning part is easy but applying what I’ve learned tend to be a little bit difficult but I’m sure I’ll get used to how things work in no time and honestly with the amount of vehicle’s passing by it’s makes the time move fast I honestly didn’t expect it to be 12.29pm already. 

After having a good rest. Me and my colleagues headed out to preform our duties 5.30pm – 6.30pm and we were all elated to break fast cause we’re hungry. So the food we got is super awesome and i filled my empty stomach at 7.10pm.

We had rice, lamb, cow meat, chickens, Mediterranean sause and salad. I was indulging myself with good food. Finally for once I had a proper meal and we ate like a family. It’s seriously a grrat bonding time for the team no doubt I’m attached with them for only a day. They made me feel welcomed and it seeiously made me want to work more with them. One of my many most awesome experience working with wonderful people. 

In case you guys are wondering, I’m the officer behind the lady.

I’ve got my deployment for tomorrow it’s a special deployment as I’ll be a plainclothes officer. I’m wondering what I’ll be expecting tomorrow but I hope everything will be great, smooth and awesome. I don’t have much more to share about today it’s simply awesome and I really appreciate the time given by the officers I’m attached with. They make the working environment more lively and adaptable. I really appreciate that alot. 

Thank you.

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