Oh why?!

Okay so I was tasked to do Special Ops today but sadly they wanted us to be in full uniform first instead of plainclothes. 

Damn, they told us to go back home and wear our uniform and bring the plainclothes. Thankfully my house is nearby the airport. The traffic was insane today it’s so heavy due to the ongoing road work and the weather is seriously hot!

The man that inspired me to start blogging (SGT Alan Tang)

So right now we are resting because tonight is going to be a long night for us from 7.00pm onwards. Been resting at base and sitting outside. It’s so cold inside, the temperature is like those huge meat freezer when you enter and talk smoke comes out from your mouth. That’s how cold the room is gosh (Maybe I’m exaggerating) haha.Finally I break fast and I had McDonald’s for dinner and I got sick of eating the food from the staff canteen & Restaurant. I know eating McDonald’s isn’t really healthy but once in awhile it’s fine I guess.

Alright finally I’m being called in for duty. Feels good to know that I’m the frontline of the safety of my nation and the people flying in and out of my country. I am proud of what I do no matter how big or small it is. With the increasing number of terror attacks I wouldn’t want my motherland security to be compromised. It’s good to know that the security level is Increasing. I know some people wouldn’t understand when we conduct secondary or enhanced screening/checks but I hope they feel that by doing all this is to ensure their safety and security won’t be jeopardize.

It’s seriously tiring for us officer’s to explain and explain to them why are we doing this to them but I still feel great knowing they will be safe.

I’m going to end my entry here because I’m seriously tired and sleepy right now. It’s going to be another long day for me tomorrow. I just can’t wait for Sunday, it’s my off day finally. Lastly whatever you’re doing or whatever job it is be happy and cheerful most importantly is to have fun! Goodnight everyone.

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