Are photo’s enough?

So sorry everyone I haven’t been updating my blog. It’s been a seriously long and hactic couple of days for me a my colleagues. 

Back to where I left you guys hanging, the plainclothes duty was pretty awesome and tiring. Me and Sgt. Tang ended work pretty late at about 11PM and arrived home probably 12Midnight. Haha everyone (Passengers) were pissed as predicted due to the highten security. (Just Recapping)

Following day we did crowd control duties for the Ummrah/Haji trip I shall not explain everything in detail because it’s going to be a pretty long read, trust me you guys will get bored reading but if you guys want me to write in details leave a comment I write a separate post regarding it.

Okay actual post for today. I’ll try my best to summarise everything and keep this post as simple as it could be but I apologize if it’s going to be a long read. Everyone in my team today was awesome, we worked together and keep the day moving by keeping the moral level up being in the cargo side of work isn’t as fun as it can be under hot and humid weather conditions. We did our work and had fun while doing it, cracking jokes and many more to keep the team in supreme moral condition to last us for 14hrs. 

The teamwork we had with the laughters and necessary conversations to keep everyone active was truly the best part of work today despite the arguments/unpleasant comments by taxi drivers with regards to entering a restricted zone. We made it thru alive with everyone’s help in such conditions from getting error with screening and our checking of pass devices going haywire. It was intensed but as said early everyone played their part/role to keep everything smooth and a great experience for the team. Giving support and motivating everyone was the key to keeping everyone up.

What made us so cheerful and happy are the pictures below:

Everything was prefect today by perfect means the people I’m working with today. Despite our diferences in working experience or service we did well together. All I see was one team filled with 10 officers working as one it’s seriously cool to have peoole understanding each others level of energy without having to tell or ask. Everyone noticed each other and did all we could to keep the day going. Haha I honestly can keep repeating my words because I’m simply so happy about today and hopefully it’s going to be a great couple of days for this entire week. 

Thank you guys for all the hardwork today. Here are the people that kept things going:

Alright it’s seriously going to be a short post. I’m really tired today. I’ll keep you guys updated as soon I have time to update again. Thank you everyone one that’s reading. Cheers as always. So sorry if today isn’t as interesting as before. I hope everyone is having a great day. Goodnight.


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