Alright I’ve gotten my permanent posting at Changi Airport Terminal 4 but I’ll be losing a partner SGT. Tang. He had made the decision to get posted at CAC (Changi Airfreight Centre) and it’s final, nothing can persuade him to go to Terminal 4.

It’s pretty sad for me as I’m close with him but if that’s what makes him happy we should all be positive and support his decision. In the mean time I have to look for another partner nevertheless​ everyone at Terminal 4 are friends and I hope the working experience/environment there would be great.

Sad story over, I’m currently attached to Terminal 3 handling flights and seriously it’s so cold right now. My hands are literally freezing and I’m shivering even with my jacket on. Flight UL302 is on it’s way and I have to ensure that there’s no breach of security before the flight arrives and after the passengers leave. Let’s hope the passenger, staff and the crew are friendly, well normally they are. 

Oh gosh! Too many flights today one after another, it’s driving me insane but I guess it’s fine because time flew really fast when I have work to do. What’s amazing is I get to see airplanes and beautiful sceneries.

Today is seriously a hactic day but I enjoyed every bit of it. Worked with great people, props to CPL. Aziz and PC. Alex for trusting me in executing my duties without guidance. The trust they gave me was the motivation and the drive for me to work as a Police Officer and confidence was on my side.

Back to SGT. Tang I really hope somehow he change his mind to be in Terminal 4 with 03 Batch as I believe every single one of us is going to miss having him in the team working together. Good luck to you SGT. Tang.

Alright ladies and gentlemen this is where I will end my post. I shall write more whenever I can. Goodnight, sweet dreams and thank you all for reading.


  1. No worry partner. I’ll still be around in CAS. Just call me if you need me. Despite our huge gap in age difference, we still able to click. The journey is long for you. I’m sure you will meet more and better partners than me. Cheers!

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