Being Happy.

Okay, if you asked me whether I’m happy with my life. I’d honestly tell you I am happy without any hesitation at all. First and foremost I have a family whom is willing to understand and support me with the things I do in life that matters a lot to me really. I may not have all the things I want to have in life but having a family that is truly there and willing to sit together and have long talks about how I could make better for my life is enough for me.

So let’s start with all the happy stuff’s. As you can see from my post/featured picture, today I finally rode my bike after leaving it hanging on my wall for a couple of months. Oh boy! It’s ultimately the best feeling I’ve ever had it’s as if I’m riding the bike for the first time. I’ve been neglecting my bike to be honest, it’s been hanging dirty from my previous ride and left untouched. So I took the liberty to bring it out today in the afternoon for a short ride to the mosque to pay Zakat Fitrah. (Shall explain what this is about later in the future)

So aside from the short bike ride in the afternoon I had a great dinner at home with my whole family which is awesome. We talked, tease each other and laugh at lame jokes. After dinner I sat in my room browsing for stuff I should get for my bike upgrade. I’ve been looking forward to get a Fizik Arione Saddle for a long time so that’s what I was aiming for. Talking about getting stuffs for my bike I bought myself a Omega Seamaster Co-axial Chronometer Planet Ocean edition. Honestly some of my friends think I’m materialistic, honestly I’m not materialistic. Here’s my perspective, I know the Omega Seamaster or any other models isn’t cheap but for me I prefer to buy something that I know could last me a lifetime and also as a investment. Meaning to say if a watch is cheap but the quality of the product couldn’t last and I have to keep replacing a new one is a waste plus there isn’t a resale value to it. Look at some watches from Rolex, Omega or other various brands they are lasting and the older it gets the high the value is. I’ve seen a Omega Vintage watch cost from $SGD10k – 20k and that’s​ exactly what I mean by investment. You’ll never know one day you’ll need some cash to support yourself in a situation you have a investment which is the Omega I bought and I’ve been wanting to have one since I was a kid. My dad got one a Omega Seamaster 007 Edition. It’s really cool to have this kind of things but I’m not materialistic just a guy who loves watches from Omega.

Aside the watch, I bought a new saddle for my bike after dinner. A ride long ride in the rain with my little brother. It’s a great bonding between me and my brother as both of us love cycling so much. 

We arrived home safely and we had to clean our dirty bikes and It’s seriously dirty.

Once we are done with cleaning the bikes, we sat down with my dad talking for a couple of hours and I don’t really know how to explain this but its pretty much sustenance I should say that someone offered me a groupset for my bike. It’s not any kind of a groupset its 2016 Campagnolo Record 11. It’s a older model but its the Record edition if you have in your possession a Record or Super Record from Campagnolo it’s seriously awesome. I’m am truly happy and I’m seriously appreciating all the positive thing’s that have been going on in my life lately. I don’t know what I did to get all this but I’m truly fortunate for it.

This is all I have for today. Thank you once again for reading. I hope everyone is happy with themselves despite going through hardship in life. Keep moving forward, keep dreaming and keep working hard to achieve thing’s you want to achieve in life no matter how big or small. Smile always and be happy. Goodnight lovely readers.

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