What’s Happening?

28 June 2017 – Wednesday

Firstly I would like to apologize for not updating my blog regularly as I’ve been very busy for the past couple of days or weeks.

Life is great so far and I’m enjoying the company I have at work. Colleagues are awesome, work life is great and family life is great so far. I’m currently attached to Terminal 2 doing what I do best. Providing security for both land and air transport. Best job ever because I’m given the opportunity to work closesly with every agency and being personal and up close with planes. Im crazy over planes to be honest. I find it relaxing to look at all of em be it departing, arriving or parked airplanes. It’s like a big aquarium looking at planes here. 

This pictures were taken previously during my night shift. Lovely view isn’t it. I feel like a planespotter now hahaha. I seriously enjoy what I do irregardless of what others have to say about it. Let’s look at it this say if you don’t enjoy something you do, you will definitely feel dreaded (to be reluctant to do, meet, or experience) at work. It’s different for me I guess. I come to work to do my job and at the same time enjoy the pleasure looking at all different kind of planes from various airline company. Honestly I’m not good with planes if you asked me for a specific model of a plane I wouldn’t know what it is, I’m not a fanatic but I really love planes. If I had to be honest and straight, it’s not easy for everyone to enjoy what they do but I believe as you grow and work you will slowly enjoy the work/job.

(Shuttle service)

Work ended pretty late and I’m super tired hence the blog is kept short for now. Will update everyone again soon.

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