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Alright lets talk about what I’ve been doing during my off day. Hahaha, to be honest its all about cleaning the house, chilling most of the time and waking up super early in the morning to go cycling. (Watch the video)

Well breakfast was great I cycled to the Country Club to eat some Pasta to be specific it was Chicken Carbonara Pasta. It’s insanely awesome, I’m simply enjoying my life the way it is as always. After breakfast I cycled to Mandai Rd – Singapore Zoo and just chilled there and I received a text message from Sgt. Tang informing me that he will be cycling and heading to Changi Village to eat is favourite Nasi Lemak. I chased him technically sped my way to him from Mandai Rd to Changi Village and I was 1 minute behind him.

He was coming from Pasir Ris not bad for an old man, Pasir Ris to Changi Village in 32 minutes according this his Garmin and mine. As for me I’m always crazy when I’m on my bike 32 minutes from Mandai Rd to Changi Village. Upon arrival at Changi Village I realized that the hawker centre that’s selling his Nasi Lemak was and is closed every Wednesday for cleaning purposes so we sat at Guru’s Banana Leaf Restaurant to have Milk Tea (Teh Tarik) and chatted.

Once we were done, we cycled (cruised most of the time) back to Pasir Ris and Sgt. Tang decided to get his tyres changed as they have worn off. So I brought  him to a local bike shop that’s technically selling stuffs at a low rate within our area. We sat, smoked, chatted and made our way back home. It was a pretty great day, I had a lot of fun cycling and wandering around Singapore. Love the morning sun (Golden Hour) it’s forever mesmerizing.

Back home chilled with dad. Watched movie, pick my mom up from work and that’s about it. Hahaha a really short post but I hope the post and the video sums up what I did today.

Thank you for reading everyone.

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