Lack of updates

It’s been a busy month for me hence the lack if updates. I sincerely apologize for those who follow me or often drop by my blog for updates or just to read. Been really busy lately at work and outside life.

Taking the time now to write and share some stuffs with you guys. Anyway here’s something new for you guys I bought myself a new pair of cycling shoes made by Mavic. Mavic Zxellium Road Shoe (Bright Yellow), the typical colour scheme from Mavic and I love it.

The shoe is stiff there’s no flex to it which helps with the performance as I ride my bike. It’s slim and it’s feels super comfortable and light as it’s uses carbon as a structure for the shoes.

Well all I could say is they look awesome and comfortable. Can’t fault Mavic as they’ve been around the cycling industry for years already but not many would choose Mavic as there are many other brands and various designs available is this current era.

As you know it’s the Tour De France 2017 season right now and I’m pretty much disappointed with TeamSKY. I’ve been a fan for so long but with Chris Froome losing the yellow jersey just disappoints me. I hope the upcoming stage he can do all his best to get that yellow jersey back.

Its Tour De France 2017 – Stage 13 just now around 8.30pm Singapore time.

Stage 13 – Route & Profile:

All I could say the riders did well and the race was pretty intense today. Below is the video of short final sprint to the finish line:

For now this is my current blog update. Will write again as and when I’m free. Cheers guys, sorry for the short post.

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