New upgrades?!

Here’s some new updates, mainly focusing on my bicycle.

I recently bought myself a new wheelset and it’s seriously awesome. The only reason why I’m upgrading because I bought a 2016 Campagnolo Record 11 Speed groupset hence the change of wheelset. My old Zipp 60 doesn’t have any upgrade available anymore as its stuck with a freehub either for Shimano 10 speed or Campagnolo 10 Speed. The wheelset upgrade is worth it. Makes my bike feel even lighter now. They aren’t that cheap either, 50mm depth 23mm wide with the new U Shape technology which enhance how your tires have a better contact to the road providing better control, traction and lower rolling resistance but at the same time my tires from Continental GrandPrix 4 Season Handmade in Germany is the key to the performance increase in both dry and wet weather conditions.

My bike is looking greater and greater as it’s goes thru some major upgrades.

I have yet to install my Campagnolo Record 11 Speed groupset and I hope I can get it done soon. I have to wait for about 10 working days to get my Campagnolo Freehub 10/11 Speed to arrive from UK before I can actually proceed with the necessary upgradings and installations.

There are more pictures of the groupset but I’ll just show this one for reference. So after doing a quick change of wheelset. I visited a local bike shop which is my dad’s old friend shop (They used to compete in races during their younger days professionally)

KHCycle – 33 Vertex Ubi Ave 3

I ordered a Campagnolo BB30 Integrated Cup direct from the factory and my dad’s friend got it for me within 2 days normally I’d have to wait longer to get it shipped to Singapore plus the 2 days doesn’t include shipping cost and I got exclusive discounts which I wouldn’t want to touch on.

So after the long ride to the LBS (Local Bike Shop), I headed to Simpang Bedok to grab lunch as my stomach was empty. All I could say is that I enjoy Indian food a lot. The portion given is a lot and I had to force myself to finish it or else it would be a waste of food.

And about a day or 2 days ago I when out cycling with my neighbor and my younger brother, we had a pretty awesome recovery ride from Pasir Ris to Jalan Kayu and we had dinner there. Guess what? We ate indian food too and lots and lots of Teh Tarik (Milk Tea).

Here are some pictures to look at:

To be honest I would really love to write more but I’m feeling very tired right now as I just ended work and arrived home. Going to need to have some rest before I start work again tonight.

As always, lots of love to my fellow readers and I hope everyone is having a blast today. Cheers and take care.

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