It’s a long day!

26 Novemeber 2017

Alright, let me start of with tell everyone that’s been sticking around my blog or just passing by. I’ve finally cleared Practical 6 for my motorbike license it’s one of the most difficult practical and easiest to collect demerit points. My instructor said he could pass me but he wants to see improvements in my next practical. Honestly he knows I can ride the bike without problems but his doing his job to ensure that when I’m out there on the road I’ll br as safe as possible.

All I could say is I’m elated for Practical 7 & 8 followed by Traffic Police Test hehe. Best part is I tricked my girlfriend into thinking that I failed my Practical 6 just to see how she would react on it. She took it well and she’s always positive and motivating me. Love my lady so much. Luna is just a few more miles away to be in my arms.

As per usual the after work duties spending time and sending my girlfriend back home. Despite being tired I simply love being around her she makes me feel complete somehow. It’s hard to explain but she just what I need to make me smile and be happy about life and whatever shit I have to deal with. Oh here is what it looks like at work in the morning when you don’t have anything to do. Just sit around honestly.

After sending my girlfriend home, I headed back hoping to have the chance to fly the drone which I’ve been longing to do but I was dead tired and the weather isn’t looking so great nowadays. I guess it’s the Monsoon season here in Singapore, it’s been raining heavily! Great in a certain aspect but sad too at the same time.

But! Haha I took the opportunity I could around 6PM to actually fly it at a nearby park located near my house. i would have recorded great footages but it’s getting pretty dark so I didn’t bother to record any but I did took a picture and enjoyed my time flying the drone.

This is exactly where I was:

The space I had was pretty great I could have been at Punggol to actually fly but yeah due to some unfortunate series of events that happened I had to postpone my flying to a later time. Oh well, I hope I’ll be given the opportunity to actually fly the drone more someday as I’m excited to go for some carnival in Singapore with my girlfriend and actually fly the drone to produce awesome footages of us going out which is going to be pretty neat.

Reason for me wanting to fly the drone more so I won’t have the fear of controlling it or crashing it. It can get really challenging at times to fly stuffs like this no doubt I do have some experience flying a RC Helicopter but still its a total different thing/situation there’s so many buttons to control it’s a nightmare!

All I could say is that I seriously enjoyed my day eventho it’s a short one.

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