What a way to start my night at work

So I came to work and something new just came up or the people at work is pretty much lazy to do their job. Honestly that’s what I believe. I came to work I load my arms and here I am being instructed to be the safety officer. I don’t mind doing it but I honestly think it’s meant for the people from the armoury to do it. All and all I just suck it all up and carry on doing it. Pretty fun actually.

Got myself to the breifing room to be briefed on my deployment tonight which was pretty much obvious where I’ll be placed at. Girlfriend wasn’t around she engaged herself for early run tonight to earn extra income. So how life is like working at Terminal 4. It’s pretty much awesome because it’s always quiet at night, busy only when it needs to be busy but honestly quiet all the time.

I was having a great time patrolling with my partner. Patrolling and skiving at the same time. It’s the only way to burn time. We were having a great time until this happened.

Took the situation seriously. Unattended bag is never a funny thing or something to be taken lightly. Looking at the history of terrorism anything could be a possible threat irregardless of how it looks like. I shall not write this in details but I ended the case/situation smoothly and swiftly. Everything was in order, bag was categorized under lost and found after doing necessary profilings and checkings. Phew lucky it wasn’t anything serious that could be a threat to the safety of the public and my officers. Headed down to check on my men to see how they were doing. Pretty much fine, walked around and talk to them just to boost some moral.

All I could say right now is that work is seriously tiring. I ended work and got home safely this time I headed home alone. My girlfriend had some errands to run at home so she left with me a goodbye message/call.

Now with work aside and since I’m already home and all cleaned up as I lay down on my bed (Floor actually) I had a brilliant yet crazy idea to actually ride a 125cc bike from Singapore all the way to Thailand. It would seriously be interesting cause I’ve done it twice one driving a car second riding a 1000cc bike. It would be seriously interesting to actually do it on a 125cc bike and I bet it’s going to be a long journey but if the trip is properly planned I guess it would work. I’m probably doing a solo ride if given the opportunity, we shall see what the future brings me.

Oh yes I forget it’ll be the third time actually, 3rd one was on a bicycle. Singapore to Thailand Endurance ride on a road bicycle for charity (Kidney Dialysis Patient) it was one hell of a ride actually. Look up for KDF Millennium Ride.

It’s not so bad actually it’s more or less a endurance ride but the tricky part is riding solo. At least I have my fair share of experience regarding bike servicing and maintenance. Hopefully this plan pan out someday. It’s just something I had in my mind and I thought of doing it before I get old and don’t have the energy or desire to do things like this anymore. I don’t think my girlfriend would approve of this but my parents maybe they will allow me. Just maybe.

This will be the bike I’ll be riding a Aprilia RS4 125 don’t even think it will make it, alive. Well we have to be positive about it and necessary servicing/modifications definitely need to be done to actually keep up and last long on trips like this.

What issues I’m expecting if I ever do this:

  • Spark plugs
  • Battery
  • Chain
  • Sproket
  • Tyre
  • Engine (Likely to go haywire)

This are just some of them but I believe many more will happen especially on a small bike.

Alright I guess that’s enough for the day. I shall update.my blog again soon or whenever I can update. Thank you for reading.

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