2811, SATVB

Came to work today as usual got to be the safety officer again. Whats new?!

So today I’m being deployed to South ATVB (Anti Terrorism Vehicle Barrier) one of the most crucial areas of my working place. Every vehicle that enters here needs to go through 100% checks interior and exterior of the vehicle. Aside the checks we also check goods that are entering the area and making sure that Purchase Orders or Invoices are valid. If it’s not or vehicle doesn’t seem safe while conducting checks the vehicle entry will be denied, rejected or being escorted out of the airport. Needless to say my job is pretty much risky but it’s a benefit for people coming to Singapore and also staying in Singapore.

The tiring part about being here is the waiting time and also the checking but I have no choice it’s my job.

To burn sometime I shall enjoy watching a movie until something comes up or I’m being engaged to another duty. I’ve watch Fight Club about 3 times already right now and I don’t really understand what the movie is about because I always fall asleept watching it because I’m dead tired normally after work so maybe since I have some free time why not. Hopefully this time I would actually understand what the movie is about.

Oh boy Fight Club is so crazy hahaha. Just got my mind fucked watching the whole entire movie. It made my brain work yet at the same time it’s painful to work my brain hahaha. It’s a ok movie. Good thing is he didn’t lose his mind. I have more movies to keep me company formthe night but I got to slow down before I run out of movies to watch. There aren’t any great movies nowadays the older ones are much better compared to the new ones. Anyway Starbucks delivery truck just came in at 0142hrs. Guess what? Free drinks again because they always have extras, perks of working at SATVB. I finished mine and waiting for my partner to see if he wants his. Hopefully he doesn’t want it. Haha because I love Starbucks.

Alright I was called to assist Arrival Kerb for a Unattended Package. Engaged the necessary departments and found out inside the package was just a pack of cable ties and a velcro. All I could think of or imagine in this head of mine that the passanger that forget to take this box must have been doing some kinky/fifty shades of grey shit overseas hahaha.

So I’m done assisting with the Unattended Package and Arrival Kerb. As I was heading back to my post I saw a Volkswagen Scirocco, damn that beast is such a beauty. I wish I still had one but it doesn’t matter I’m happy with what I have now in life.

Just look at it, beautiful isn’t she. Electric Orange, even the rim lining is in electric orange. Honestly with the mixture of black it makes the car looks like a beast. I’m not sure what’s under the hood it could be modified or stock but the car alone is pretty fast out from the factory.

Woohoo, I’m about to end work. I’m seriously hoping that today would be a sunny day. Would be great to go out cycling and fly the drone. It’s been raining a lot lately which is great but I seriously need the sun badly right now so I could do some outdoor activities. Weather please be good today.

Awesome they sent an Officer from morning shift over to my post got to love it when they send those doing early run to me. Yipeee I can go home!

At Arrival Kerb meeting my colleagues that are still working, so happy that I ended work earlier than expected. I’m still loitering around the airport waiting for the minibus to pick us up it’s faster than the other bus we usually take.

Oh yes we finally move off. Can’t wait to be back home. Finally unload and on my way back home. This pretty much sums up my 12hours duty at work. Tiring as hell.

Thank you for reading everyone.

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