Been spending a lot of time riding my bike (Luna) named by my girlfriend. Well it may sound like a pornstars name but to me it’s the moon, lighting up the night as I ride the bike through the streets/town.

It’s a beautiful bike not many would understand why I choose Aprilia over other brands. I’ve been a fan of Aprilia ever since I got my license years back till the time I got revoked. Retook my license back a few months back and am still in love with Aprilia. Can never see myself riding any other bikes other than Aprilia.

I had a close friend (Babaji) whom I had him looked at my bike and made some modifications here and there. Have yet to derestrict my bike to reach it’s optimum performance. He told me to get my regulator replaced, a racing throttle body, and a better ECU as I’m running a bigger bore. Spent long hours getting the bike prepared for nothing but just plain fun.

So my siblings told me that I have a letter from LTA (Land Transport Authority), it’s making me wonder what’s it about. Hahaha I checked my status online I don’t have any parking or speeding summons or maybr it’s about mt loud exhaust pipe which came stock with the bike. I don’t know let’s hope it’s nothing serious. Hahaha.

Don’t really have much to talk about anymore haha let the pictures do the talking. Oh ya one more thing, I’m expecting to receive a Arrow Exhaust pipe within a week or 2. After that I got to get it approved by LTA and get a cert for it. It’s going to sound so sweet! Loud pipe’s saves lifes.

I’m going to end my blog here and hopefully update anytime soon. Hope you guys out there enjoy the read and pictures. Here’s a small clip of me enjoying my ride.


    1. Hi Zed thanks alot. Yeah I was actually planning on getting the RSV4 but I figured I didn’t need a big bike here in Singapore at the moment. Honest a 125 is good enough to travel around. Hopefully they Import them to Australia some day. It’s a fun bike to ride.


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