downcast – /ˈdaʊnkɑːst/

Work ended pretty early today. Waited for my friend as he said he wants to go home together since we stay just opposite each other. I wanted to go Tampines to get a pump replace but the shop have been closed for a couple of days already, probably because countdown/new year is just around the corner. So we headed to Pasir Ris via the expressway instead of using the busy street route which normally people would use. My friend wanted to have breakfast at our local shop/usual place we hangout. Food is good and cheap maybe someday I’ll take a picture of the place, it’s right under a void deck. Well during breakfast we were discussing about getting a picture taken of our bikes and his bike alone taken as he saw the picture I took for my bike and he fell in love with it and wanted to take one badly. So we discussed outside while having a puff and headed down to Elias Mall first as I really need to pee and my friend wanted to get his cigarettes badly.

And so here we are at Elias Mall, didn’t expect the carpark to be full today especially at 9.30am in the morning. So we’re done with our personal errands and yet we are still dicussing on where should we go and take pictures of our bike. We ended up going to Punggol Wetlands (Bridge area) / Pasir Ris Farmway. The area too was filled with humans everywhere and it’s pretty dangerous to push the bike up to get a picture at the bridge unless we decide to go take pictures during the wee hours plus it’s the weekends. The crowd level was expected and predictable. So we turn around and I saw a sweet spot fot a picture NPark Officer’s didn’t mind us doing it as long as we do it safe and safe for others and so we when all trigger happy with our mobile phone, honestly it was me. Hahaha.

This were the first few pictures I took. I didn’t put a lot of effort with the editing because I am seriously dead tired. Awake now because my aunt is here at my crib.

And this was taken after that. It’s the same with the cover photo for this blog but less editing done to this one. Finally we had a peaceful moment just two souls and two machines enjoying the peaceful view with great company and conversation’s.

It was great as I’m honestly trying to steer myself/feelings away from the sadness and the pain that I’m feeling it helps but only for a short while. It’s never easy for me it’s difficult but I honestly can’t deal with it.

So we are done with the photoshoot and we left the area and headed towards our next destination.

Pasir Ris Park here we come. We enjoyed the mini/short ride, fooling around on our bike before we entered civilization. Lol.

And here we are, Pasir Ris Park another chill session in the morning. It was great until it rained. We rode our bike like we were racing each other on a race track but doing it safely. Damn we were socked and we parted as we reach the traffic light where we had to split and get ourselves back home.

A morning well spent. Shall end thing’s here and update soon. I hope you guys enjoy this short read/blog and thr picture’s taken.

Goodnight for now.

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