New Beginning?

Took me a year to be back home. Honestly all this new year resolutions people listing out should stop. Keep it yourself and prove to yourself what you could do better or goals you wish to achieve.

So let’s begin with how I spent my new year. Headed out to the mosque didn’t expect the weather to be bad but oh wells rain is good. Met a friend at Bedok North Street 3 to discuss about some urgent issue/matter. I survived the countless roadblocks and alcohol level checks. It was a peaceful night I should say despite the heavy rain as I’m typing this down it’s still raining.

While everyone was busy watching the fireworks. I was busy helping a friend in need. What a start for countdown aye. Had a plan for the night, to be alone with my bike, enjoy riding the bike through the night along the streets of Singapore, wanted to catch the sunrise and praise god I’m still alive and given the chance to see such a magnificent view of the world. One thing I’ve learnt is that everyone shares the same air I breathe across the world and looking at the stars, the moon and the sun makes me feel connected to everyone living in this world. It feels like we are looking at each other at a really great distance.

Pity my bike she didn’t get a sheltered bike lot but it’s okay. 2 January 2018 you’ll get the services you’ll need to survive this drastic world and keep me safe on the road. On top of that, 5 January 2018 you’ll deserve the much needed cleaning inside out. Hopefully it would be a great investment. Visit Revology Bikes on the 30th of December 2017, made a appointment with the mechanic to do a full service on my bike so hopefully all is well and I hope they do have the Ohlins suspension I requested for and also a little tweaking here and there. 4 year old bike deserves a gift for new year I guess.

Well all I could say is that last night was all about self reflection. Wish I could change a certain but I know I can’t but whatever it is “You matter to me and I’ll be waiting for you to come back.” Oh well.

My secret garden, despite the rain the view is still great. Had the opportunity to see people preparing their wedding at this very spot. They spoke to me and I hanged out and hear them out with the ideas they have such beautiful people/couple and finally my new year celebration ended. Last but not least, finally free parking islandwide got thing’s settled with HDB. I can literally park anywhere now for 1 whole year!.

Rode my bike back home and wipe the bike dry at my carpark.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading everybody and I hope everyone of you out there have a great new year and a fruitful life. Goodnight, Syed Signing off.

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