What a day well spent!

A pretty long day I should say honestly. Woke up super early this morning I had to thank my dad for that because I persuaded him to wake me up because of how much I wanted to get my bike serviced. He wanted to follow me but I adviced him not to because my suspensions are pretty soft at the moment was afraid my bike would be too low to the ground but nevertheless I got all my bike issues rectified at Revology Bikes. Honestly was pretty sceptical about sending my bike especially a Aprilia to a shop that I’m not even sure if they can actually do a job properly and professionally. I was amazed when I arrive the workshop was kept neat and clean. Tools were not lying around all neatly kept in a tool box and it was seriously organized! Made me send my bike over with confidence.

I left my bike at the shop as the mechanic wasn’t around yet until 11am so I visited Motorworld SG as its just a few blocks down the road. I got myself a Muc-Off helmet interior cleaner. Tried it and damn the citrus smell is awesome!

Damn it was fun seeing foams and fiddling around with it. I let it soak in for about a minute or so and wiped the excess with a clean and dry cloth. Let it air itself out and damn I appreciate the smell of citrus so much. Made it feel like I just bought this helmet. So I looked around Motorworld SG for a short while and didn’t get anything aside from Muc-Off it cost me SGD$15 for it and I’m satisfied with the purchase.

Got a call from Revology Bikes regarding my bike and what needed changes and what doesn’t and was given a quotation on the services. I shall not mention how much they charged me as it was exclusive just for me which is pretty awesome. The guys there were friendly which is a plus point. So I headed back to Revology Bikes and the mechanic was already working on my bike and I honestly love it that the shop is just so freaking clean and professional looking despite my bike getting serviced and the oil that’s being flushed out.

The best part of the service is that, they even did a safety check for my bike such as small tunings, tyre pressure/thread, bike handle and brakes which most of the workshops I’ve known in Singapore don’t do that. It’s seriously a eye opener and I would definitely patronize here at Revology Bikes. On top of that I actually asked early if they had a Liqui Moly Helmet Interior Cleaner but they didn’t have stock for it hence the reason to why I bought a Muc-Off instead from Motorworld SG. To my surpise they actually got out to their warehouse to see if they had it and they handed it to me. Sadly I bought a Muc-Off already so they gave that to me for a lower price and I was pleased yet again. Way freaking awesome. So the bike got fully serviced and I have run it in for about 100km before I can ride with the extra power. Honestly loving how responsive my bike is now and I know it made a improvement in it’s performance but I’ve to keep the RPM between 7000 – 8000 until I complete the run in.

Rode the bike away and headed to Tampines to top up some patrol, topped up full tank honestly. Going to keep using Carltex 98 Techron as it seriously smooths and clean my engine. Have yet to try Shell VPower and I know with VPower my bike would be running lean but for now let’s keep it down low as I am trying to maintain this bike for the long run.

After all that I headed down to my friends block (Ahmad) to get my tyre painted. He did a seriously good job, was precise and neatly done. Haha I got to thank him for his level of patience because my tyres were hard to deal with and him handling a sports bike for the first time he kept thinking that my bike would fall over. Pity him for that but I assured him that the bike won’t fall over because there’s two ways my bike or a sport bike could stand either straight or slightly angled.

So here are some pictures of how his work looks like.

Got to love how my bike looks like on a paddock, makes me feel like I’m about to go for a race.

Singaporean readers if you want to get your tyre painted please support my friend Ahmad here for a fraction of a price:


After all that’s done we had a chat haha about some serious adult stuff irregardless of how playful we were as friends but thanks Ahmad for the chat, tyre paint and also getting my rims to look spotless!

Anyway I shall end it here. I honestly had a great day, great conversations with everyone I’ve met today. Pretty happy with how all the plans going well and in place. Thank you reading everyone. Shall see you all again soon.

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