So many problems, my In-Vehicle Unit is damaged and my engine temperature went up high infact it so high that I got so scared earlier this morning. Left my bike at my carpark first to let the engine cool down and head down to Revology Bikes before I had to work.

Earlier this morning met a friend whose leaving Singapore soon for holiday.

Arrived the workshop about 1945hrs and got the mechanic to personally work on my bike even got him to readjust my side mirror it was moving a lot. Hopefully my bike starts well this time. Getting the engine used to all the new stuff it didn’t get from the previous owner. So far the bike looks fine the temperature seems to be more stable hopefully that ends there. If it has to do with my gasket I’ll be spending a lot of money on it. Damn it hopefully it’s nothing serious or major.

My mecahnic is really doing a good job trying to rectify the issue he said everything is fine there’s no sign of leakage or anything like that. One issue might be that my engine is burning water instead but hopefully it doesn’t lead to that, according to him my gasket my give way but looking at it, it seems fine but we can never know. I’m at the stage of monitoring my bike right now hopefully all goes well.

After all that I’m done and left the workshop with a smile on my face tested the bike and gave it a little push from time to time. Seems like everything works great now. Shall continue monitoring the bike performance and all the mechanical parts. Arrived worked and I saw a old Aprilia. Aprilia RS125 (2 Stoke) it’s so nice to see that people are still maintaining this kind of bikes.

Like I’ve said this is going to be a short post, till then I’ll write for you guys again soon. Thank you reading everyone. Yeah before I forget I’ll be heading to Vicom after work to get my IU diagnosed and get it replaced! It’s important because I paid for season parking without it I’ll be paying extra!

Goodnight. Hopefully all goes well tomorrow morning.

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