Bike talk?

Well let’s be honest, everyone who owns a bike will always want what’s best for his or her bike and how you want it running or how pristine you want the condition of the bike to be.

We’ll let me talk about how I’d like my bike to run. Yes Aprilia’s are a pain in the ass since its 2 Stroke era but that never stopped people from buying them I don’t know about you guys out there but I have always loved Aprilia’s no matter what comment’s I get from people. Honestly it’s not a great bike to ride in Singapore due to our road condition here as the bike really needs to go fast but yet at time we do have the length, space, and time to do it on the road.

Fortunate for me I got this Aprilia RS4 125 for a fraction of a price. It’s second hand but you got to expect that you might just run into problems which happened to me. Any bike would give you problems in various ways especially if you get them from another owner. The bike I got was in a bad condition but I still loved it got it to work to a certain condition that it’s ridable until I have the full expenses to actually start on changing minor thing’s that may improve the running and the riding of the bike, let’s put cosmetic aside as it isn’t really my concern.

So after riding the bike for quite awhile noticed that the Spark Plug Case isn’t original and it isn’t being installed well as the waterproofing seal isn’t good that could be sorted out with a performance part which I can do on my own. Second how the wirings were done by the mechanic from the shop I bought is adequate but not to my expectations which can be sorted out by a specialist from Radsan Speed Shop (Aprilia Specialist) at a faction of a price. Third my mechanic at Revology Bike spotted a problem with my top head gasket as it’s actually leaking causing my engine to drink up a lot of the coolant. That is one major thing that I wish to sort out immediately before I run into contamination but the bike alone is in a good working condition and I honestly believe with the minor repairs and upgrades the bike will be running perfectly well.

Now let’s talk about cosmentic. We know we can compare a first hand bike and a second hand bike as it depends on how much the owner love’s his or her bike. Well I do love mine a lot actually feels like shit if the bike isn’t with me. Anyway for the coverset/fairing I would honestly just get it sprayed but looking at the price I’d rather order a new set of fairing with the design I want and it’s definitely cheaper than getting is sprayed or wrapped. Which will be done in a couple of weeks or months down the road if I see its necessary to spend on getting it replaced but for the time being what I have is enough. A wash and polishing does the trick to make the bike look good.


A topic that has been circulating around. Aprilia are they really hard to maintain do they really cause a lot of problems? Honestly for me no. When it comes to a machine how you care for it will show much the bike will be doing fine for you on the road. Every machine have it’s own flaws/problems just because Aprilia is known to cause tons of problem that doesn’t mean it’s hard to maintain. People think it’s expensive to own a Aprilia but really it’s not. All you need to do is just maintain the bike well and it keeps you going without problems, I can’t say much about mine because it’s a second hand bike but I’m working on getting the bike condition to be perfect according to how I feel when I ride it.

Honestly just do you regular oil change and other necessary things that you would do to keep it running well. I recently just changed my spark plug, engine oil and the relay agent and my bike his been treating me well ever since but still I have things that I need to change which is considered a priority on my list:

  • Spark Plug case
  • Top head gasket

Other then that the bike is fine. Oh yes I almost forgot, I’ll be changing my exhaust pipe to a street legal Arrow pipe that fits my bike.

Here are some recent pictures of my bike taken today:

The previous engine oil that was removed from my bike seriously looks like shit glad that I’ve finally got it changed and I honestly love how Motul 4T 7100 10W40 Full Synthetic Engine Oil feels on my bike. It runs like a beast and the oil handle heat without problem. The acceleration you get and the smoothness of every single gear change makes it feel so great and how Motul prevents the engine from vibrating too much is definitely a plus point all and all I am satisfied with my bike and all this small maintenance isn’t expensive and it’ll save you from running into problems.

So this will be my latest update for now. I hope you enjoyed reading and till then. Take care everyone and I shall update as soon as I can again. Lot’s of love, Al’Bukhary.

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