Pretty eventful day!

Got pretty pissed in the morning haha, thanks to my mechanic electrical genius thinking that tapping my IU Unit directly from my battery wouldn’t drain my pretty much old battery and I clearly told him to not do it and get the wire tapped from my ignition. So by now you all would have guessed that my bike broke down at ECP (East Coast Park) Expressway going towards Marina Bvld (Golden Gardens) – Garden’s By The Bay.

Why was I heading towards that direction because I had to send my younger brother for some military event that they had. Thankful enough his superiors were understanding to why he was late.

The battery from my bike was so dead that it didn’t even bothered charging while the bike was moving. To be honest it’s supposed to but I guess it was about time I changed the battery as it’s old. I tried bump starting the bike, it works but after about 500m of riding it died because there isn’t much power in the battery left to operate my fuel pump, water pump and ignite the sparks for firing. So I ended up stranded on the expressway and called LTA – Emas Recovery which is free and they were so nice to drop me off at East Coast Lagoon – Hawker Centre because while waiting for my recovery team I could grab myself some drinks and food to munch on.

As for my younger brother, he had his connections around Singapore to get a secondary vehicle to get him to his destination. So he left me here at Lagoon while he made is marry way to Golden Gardens on a Yamaha RXZ. Had to apologize to my younger brother for causing delay but he was fine with it because what happened was something unfortunate.

Alright so yes I’m stranded at Lagoon. Thankful enough my quick recovery team is here, my very own cousin. Haha it was the happiest day of my life because both of us knew what we need to do but my cousin insisted on trying to bump start my bike but due to the low power from the battery the bike simply didn’t want to go. So we had to resort to Jump Starting the bike and letting the bike battery pre charge itself with a few amount of power to at least get me to the workshop at 3007 Ubi Road 1.

It was one of my most longest rides and what’s interesting is that all my electronic decides not to work on me because of the battery. I had to do a lot of revving during my idling period on the road to give the bike some power before it actually decides to die again. So we rode our bikes through winding turns can exactly name the place because I wasn’t exactly sure where we were but I knew it was somewhere along Siglap Road. The small roads and awesome hill, downhill and turns were awesome, shall record a video when I see fit to it. So I reached the workshop safely with my half dead bike, as guessed it died literally infront of the shop. My mechanic saw what happened and all I could do was smile.

So after being at the workshop for a couple of hours. My aunt called my cousin asking him where he is. Haha it was the funniest moment and thankfully as long as my cousin is with me my aunt is fine with it. Had to thank my cousin for helping me out during my darkest hours and my aunt for understanding. Also to my mechanic haha despite not listening. That piece of IU Unit drains the shit out of my battery leaving it overnight. I got a new battery replaced, had some rework on my bike for the IU unit some adjustments here and there. Added a switch for my radiator fan as I noticed it didn’t switch on by itself after hitting a certain temperature causing the bike to get pretty warm at times. This issue is finally resolved.

Headed down to Revology Bikes to get my bike detailed and I honestly have to say that my bike looks awesome it finally has it’s bling and the paintwork recovery looks awesome. I forget what technology they were using but with this new fireball coating and hydro foaming. The bike repells water easily and makes it easy to clean the next time.

Detailing took a couple of hours but it made my bike look better and feels better on top of that smells better to me at least but not my pillion lol. So I made a quick stop at CandyMotor as it just a few shops down to get some accessories etc, Pilot Light and voltmeter which is pretty necessary. Got the item’s I needed and stopped at Tampines to rest as I got slightly tired due to the amount of load I had to handle today.

So I rested for awhile and did some rewiring on my own for my bike and I am satisfied with the end results. So with all the rewiring done my DRL (Day Run Light) finally works! and I immediately installed my 3 in 1 Voltmeter which tells time, engine temperature and also the voltage of my battery. From the picture you’ll see that my battery is at 12v + because the battery is still new and I haven’t rode the bike long enough for it to be 13v atleast but 12.2 – 12.5v is good enough for my bike.

The voltmeter looks pretty neat. Loving the fact that I can properly monitor my battery instead of opening my fuel tank regularly to do a check with a external voltmeter but I would do that after a month to check for power, charging and if there’s any leakage.

So the DRL (The two small side light) on my bike looks great. Swapped my headlights with a H11 12V 55W Cool+Yellow Light. It doesn’t look that great but it works temporarily until I decide to go Autobacs at Loyang or Kaki Bukit to look for a H11 Led Kit but most of all I am satisfied with my bike. The picture at the carpark was taken at 0100hrs as I literally woke up from my long sleep when I got home earlier on. I hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed typing this down for you guys.

I’m so sorry if I have mistakes here and there I hope you guys can bare with me as I am feeling really tired and I’m about to fall asleep again. Goodnight everyone and rest well.

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