What’s going on?

I know it’s been awhile since my last update. I haven’t got much to write or idea’s on what to write but I’ll briefly update my blog with this short simple post and a compilation of photo’s.

It’s been a very long and draggy week with work going nuts and so many things going haywire with life but I’m simply blesssed that I am able to manage them with great company. Honestly having friends you know that you can trust them with the problems you’re facing is one key factor in my life because not everything in life you can do it on your own.

Should I say that I am fortunate to have a great family and great friends? Honestly I would I can never ask for more because what I have and what’s given to me is enough for me to sustain my life as a living human being.

Sometimes work drives me really nuts and the thought of resigning is always at the back of my head. I would resign from my current job provided I could secure a better one. Honestly I do have a job that’s open for me as a Operations Executive but the process of getting that secured for my future have got to be put on hold as I am still considering if it’s going to be worth my time or not. Brainstorming at this moment would be a better choice before I start making rash decisions. That’s my update on life at the moment.

Now my bike, my Aprilia RS4 125 have been great but I’m still having temperature problems which I’m likely going to resolve really soon. Opened up my water pump to check for any damages or choke but it’s working great and it’s clean. The propeller works fine too.

So I look into other alternatives and checked my thermostat. Found out that it was taken out by the previous owner. Did my research and understand that some bikes with the thermostat removed may and may not cause overheating but mine does so I’m slowly looking for a thermostat replacement and I might also change my temperature gauge for my top head it may be cooked but I don’t know.

Let’s just play safe and get it replaced. People tell me that I should look into getting my gasket changed but honestly I have done that and got it changed but the problem comes back. So my guessing is because the coolant doesn’t stay in the radiator long enough for it to cool down and cool the engine because there is no thermostat to control the valve and the valve is left opened to let the coolant flow faster and continuously. “Whatever it is, I hope I get it sorted out soon before I start my long distance riding/touring on a small cc bike.”

Well aside from that. Sent my bike for it’s regular service/maintenance which consist of bike safety check, engine oil change, coolant flushing & topping up, and spark plug change. I swear my mechanic really enjoys working on my bike. According to him he loves Aprilia and finds that it’s design is beautiful. I couldn’t agree more but it’s a tough bike to maintain.

Been having a really great & wonderful ride on my bike and I can’t really express how I truly feel everytime I’m on the road it’s truly wonderful.

I’m ending my blog here with pictures as usual. In case you are wondering what application I’m using to take pictures of my bike. It’s called Kuji Cam it gives the picture the retro film look which I love a lot. As always I hope you guys out there enjoy reading my blog.

One last thing, here are some video’s I don’t normally post haha.

Not staying in lane:

Taxi driver not using indicator lights no doubt I was moving slow:

Is this even possible?! Illegal turn?

Lady driver using mobile phone and wasn’t paying attention:

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