Does it really work?

Alright let’s talk about the title of the post “Does it really work?”. I’ve been contemplating about getting the Liqui Moly 4T Additive Shooter and Speed Shooter.

I did my research about the additives available in the market but here in Singapore I only managed to find these few selections from Liqui Moly.

After days and hours of research and thinking I’ve finally came to a conclusion that I should give it a try and if anything bad were to happen I’ll bear the cost for any mishaps or damages on my bike.

So I headed down to a Local Dealership/Motorbike Accessories shop, JMotor at 450 Sims Ave, Geylang Lor 29, Singapore. It cost $6 per can, each can is 80ml and how you apply it to you bike is per 10l of fuel you pore the whole 80ml of these additives into your fuel tank. I bought the 4T Additive shooter which helps with cleaning your fuel system such as fuel injector, fuel line, combustion chamber, spark plugs and it also helps remove any carbon that may have build up over the years of riding. To my understanding it may not really help much using it for the first time as you may need to constantly use it for a couple of times before the fuel system is really clean. I too bought the Speed Shooter what it does is enhancement to acceleration, cleaning and protecting the bike engine with it’s state-of-the-art properties according to Liqui Moly, it also optimizes the performance of the bike, aside from that bike starts easily and also run smoother overtime.

You can add both these additives at one go but my advice is to do it one at a time so the mixture of each additive gets well distributed in your fuel system. So open one can pore it in let it sit for a couple of minutes and shake the bike a little bit and open another can of additive and pore it down let it sit and shake the bike a little bit to get it mixed properly. That is exactly how I did it, honestly when I start my bike I thought it was a waste of my money because I felt like it didn’t work even while I was riding my bike.

About 15 – 20 minutes later from the shop and I rode my bike towards ECP and entered the highway/expressway heading to Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore. (A very beautiful place, it was my first time here.)

I noticed something particularly strange about my bike. It felt like my bike was chocking up but it wasn’t chocking up, the acceleration just felt lighter and the engine was somewhat smoother. I know the way I’m describing this may seem like a joke to most of you but it’s not. I noticed something different and really it felt better for me somehow.

My bike felt like it’s new but it isn’t. I was pretty surprised about how effective these additive is but not jumping up so high yet as I need to see and feel my bike for a couple of milages before confirming that it’s really good but I have to say I wasn’t expecting to feel anything different that quick but stay tuned as I will post another follow up on these in my future post.

Hopefully with these additives it helps with my bike maintenance as spares for Aprilia can get a little bit expensive here in Singapore. Will update more about how it’s performing soon.

As always I hope you guys and gals out there enjoy reading my post as I enjoy typing it down for you readers. Have a great day and enjoy the pictures below.

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