Short ride around the hood?

A short ride around the neighbourhood turns out to be getting things done. Shortly after work ended I was suppose to update a buddy of mine Nicholas whom is currently riding a Yamaha R15 V3, a pretty sweet looking bike honestly but I’m in love with Aprilia. I totally forget to update him with regards to accompanying him to get a Motul Chain Cleaner, Chain Lube and Chain Brush until he messaged me. So after exchanging a few text messages and audio note, I got insanely tired and decided to grab myself a meal while waiting for him.

Patiently waiting:

Let’s keep the details short so we headed down to Planet Motorcycle Service Centre to meet my cousin whom is getting his bike serviced. On our way there I was probably a little bit to fast and if I had to be honest I was fast hahaha. Nicholas couldn’t catch up and missed the exit because he didn’t see where I was headed to.

When I noticed he wasn’t anywhere near me I made a quick stop at a safe area to contact him and guide him on how to get to the workshop. So upon my arrival I was waiting for him about 15minutes and he just rode pass me and didn’t notice me at all, that idiot.

I was here:

He was here:

So I told him to wait there and I’ll meet him there instead. Upon reuniting we headed to Planet Motorcycle and this buddy of mine couldn’t stop complaining about how hungry he was so we headed over to the food court near the bike shop while my cousin gets his bike serviced.

I didn’t get anything for myself except a for a can of coke to refresh myself. Nic as usual couldn’t decide on what he should get but he finally came to a conclusion to get himself a bowl of Mee Soto. Called him the Mee Soto man for no reason why that just had to come out from my mouth.

After a quick meal session and a great talk we headed back to our bike and one thing I noticed that Nic isn’t fully utilizing his tryes. I would understand that cornering can be pretty scary at times but I always have this mindset that I control my bike and not my bike controlling me. Theoretically I think having that mindset is right but at the same time safety is the key for myself and the other road users that are sharing the road with me.

Do you see the uneven usage on this tyres (left) and mine (right). I can’t blame him but it does takes experience to ride the bike properly and safely so I gave him some tips and advice which he took sincerely. After some small talks and a smoking session I had to bail on my cousin as I got to get myself home because I started feeling really tired. Work was insane it’s a pretty much a shitty shift today and I shall not talk about that.

So I rode with Nic to a friends bike shop to get his engine oil replaced but sadly my friend wasn’t around yet to assist with the change so Nic decided to get his bike back to his dealership to get the engine oil and oil filter changed.

He paid SGD$18 for the change. It’s that cheap because he haven’t got his bike broken-in and they replace the original Yamaha oil filter and for the engine oil they used mineral. On the side not they even wash his bike for him which is pretty neat. Mine look’s pretty dirty now and I have to get it clean soon.

So we ended our day and pretty much got things done in a couple of hours. This post will be short and yes my follow up on the Liqui Moly Additives. So far I’ve noticed a few great improvements on my bike but I can’t provide any details at the moment because I only used it once and will be using it again on my next fuel top-up.

I shall end my post here and as always I hope everyone enjoys reading and have a great day ahead.

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