It’s going to be a pretty exciting day!

13 March 2018

Alright ended my shift at work, had a few hours of rest and I’m finally home. Excited today because I’m attending a company event which is held at Shanghai Dolly. It’s some sort of club I guess and I’m simply going to enjoy my night and definitely going to be a alcohol free but I know my friends wouldn’t. I got my bike checked making sure it’s safe to ride because it’s going to be a long travel up and down this tiny country of mine, Singapore. Will be heading to Parc Sovereign Hotel to check myself in and have my bike valet and taken care of while I enjoy the night with friends.

All I know the night is going to be a mystery to me and unveil a side of my friends I’ve never seen before. It’s going to be epic and I’ll definitely take pictures to keep them as memories and share with you guys some too. It’s not going to be those mugshots kind of pictures but more or less the environment I’m spending my night at and also the city of Singapore if only my eye’s see’s something of value or worthy to me taken.

The theme for this event is black so I’m just gonna wear something simple. A cropped jeans, black colour shirt and have my sleeves rolled up and a Timberland boat shoe I guess that would make me fancyful enough. “Hahahaha, I hope so.

So I didnt dress as I initially planned it. I wore a blue and white striped shirt with my jeans and my grey converse shoes. I guess they look alright. I’m at the hotel having my late lunch/early dinner burp too full to finish my fries. So after I ate me and Shy headed out to Shanghai Dolly to meet Bryan sadly I didn’t take a picture of the building because I was so engrossed to see how things look inside.

So I hanged at the bar lol everyone was ordering alcohol but I ordered Sprite, Coke, Cranberry Juice and Apple Juice. Lol I can literally count the amount of cups I ordered because it’s free and there you go my friend ordered 3 taquila shots and they drank, they continued with 4 tower’s of beer and they go crazy throughout the night. It was a weird feeling becaude I’m alcohol free and they are not but I just joined the fun and laugh at them. Hahaha I couldn’t ask for me because it was epic to see them go nuts.

Well I got myself in the middle of everything and the attention was given to me. I just screamed and dance the night out and it’s definitely a night I won’t forget. I thought the night would end right there but it didn’t. They had round 2 at stickies bar.

At times I askee myself what’s so nice about alcohol. But it’s better I don’t know at all really haha but I love seeing my friends not being themselves but still have control of the situation no doubt they were drunk. So Stickes Bar closes at 12 they were done with drinking and I was done with eating. Now here I am thinking that the night was over but it’s not. Round 3 at The MASK. Bloody hell they are nuts but damn. Hahaha

Holy shit they are nuts. Maybe someday someone would be nice to explain to me what’s nice about alcohol and how it affects them but all I could see was them being happy. They are happy people but this is way way way happy. It was a fun night. So we headed back to our hotel and had a great rest. Honestly I was getting tired and it was super late at night already. I needed my rest but what’s amazing is when we were in the cab on our way home. I couldn’t stop laughing haha.

And so we ended our night.

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