It was suppose to be easy!

Well I bought a K&N High Flow Performance Pod Filter & a Engine Breather. The engine breather was super easy to do but the pod filter was a nightmare because removing the airbox from thr Aprilia was a heck of a task to do. It wad suppose to be easy just remove the airbox cover and instsll the pod filter but sadly it wasn’t because the opening for the airbox was too small for the Pod and secondly I need to modify my hose because I don’t have the adapter for it. Thankfully the modification was done in a way that I could still use my stock airbox/filter in future, phew.

It became from a simple plug and play to stripping half the bike down. Haha it was pain in the ass for me and the mechanic but it was fun helping out. So we striped the bike and got the airbox removed and installed the engine breather first because it was the easiest to do.

Loving how it look’s but I definitely have to reclean my bike because it does indeed look like shit when I get to finally see what needed cleaning with the amount of space I have now after removing the airbox.

So now the mechanic worked slowly on modifying the hose for my Pod filter and what amazed me most was how the modification was done. I am still able to use my original airbox/filter if I chose to revert it back to it’s original state for a greater value if I decided to sell the bike away. Oh yes I forget to mention that recently I had my grouding and volt stabilizer installed which somewhat helps regulate the current flow on my bike and I definitely feel the slight performance increase and hoping to see how the fuel consumption is like after the installation.

Alright back to the Pod filter. It installed finally, we tested the airflow and the bike sounds amazingly louder then I’ve antisipated. I’ll upload a video soon, probably when I post a blog update next time.

Seriously loving the looks of my bike with a Por filter installed and yet again I seriously need to clean my bike again hahaha it does look like shit with the new things installed. Props to the mechanic for actually doing a super clean installation and modification. I wasn’t expecting it to be this clean. I’m feeling so happy and loving the sound on my bike.

Getting the fairing and the bike back together now and there’s my mechanic. A very nice chap and he just started working for Revology Bikes and I’m amazed by his knowledge on bikes and the services provided by Revology Bikes is still spot on. I can honestly say that I’m a regular to their workshop because I’m always there when I need them to tend to my bike.

So sorry as always this will be a short and brief post/blog update and I hope you guys enjoy the read and pictures. Will update again whenever I have the time to update due to a hectic working schedule that I have. Love you alls and smile always.

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