It’s been awhile since I’ve last updated my blog. I couldn’t find the time to actually do it with my current job. Finally here’s one for everyone. I started working with HonestBee and man life isn’t as easy as it seem to be. It can be all great, fun and laughter but at the same time it could be shitty, dark and evil. Guess it’s a choice for me to be in the dark or the light.

So anyway let’s talk about my bike. I’ve always love riding a bike it makes me feel connected to life be it on a bicycle or on a motorcycle. I recently when through some trouble with my bike thinking it was a blown gasket but fortunate enough it wasn’t. I was stranded at the expressway because my bike was overheating (Above picture). What I thought was a blown gasket because I had issues with it once and got it fixed. So the cause of overheating was nothing less than not having enough coolant to keep the engine cool.

I had to stop every 15-30minutes and wait out for 10-15minutes to get the engine cooled. I resolved the issue by adding more coolant into the system thank god I had a 50/50 mix lying around at home. All I have to do now is way for pay day and stock a bottle or two at home in case things like this were to happen but I’m glad I got it fixed.

Aside from that It’s about time I actually change my engine oil so my dad actually recommended me Shell Oil/Lubrication. I was a little bit sceptical about using Shell oil but I knew they were in the game before any other brands came into the market so I decided to get the Shell Advance Ultra 10W40 per bottle costed me about $30 I had my girlfriend to help me through the toughest time of life and I’m glad she’s always around to pull me through.

Before I start filling this up I actually used Motul Engine Clean which was given by Motul to all it’s fan. It was a event in Singapore: The Bike Show and I was given the engine clean and also a Motul Notebook to celebrate their 65th Anniversary if I recall correctly.

After filling this up into my engine I let the cleaner sit in for awhile and ran my bike for about 15 minutes for it to cycle through the system. What this does is it cleans the system from sludges and any particles that are stuck throughout the engine or the system. By particles I mean dirt or any metal pieces.

Let the bike ran for 15minutes before I prep for draining of the system. My bike sounds really rough probably because the engine is really dirty this cleaner does works but it has to be use on a regular basis so you could get better results. This was my first time using the cleaner and I’m pretty amazed on how much it actually helps the engine. Take note if you’re using this the engine have to be warm before you actually fill this up into your system.

This is the result I’ll have a better picture of it in the future as this was just a quick shot. To my surprise my engine is surprisingly clean no doubt the mileage on it is 89k with regular change of engine oil over 5000km mileage. I’m pretty impressed with the results and I do find some micro metal pieces in my engine oil tray and dirts. Motul Engine Clean did it’s job but you have to use it on every change to get better results.

So now it goes down to actually filling up the engine oil I’ve got from Shell.

After having the Shell Advance Ultra filled into my engine I let the bike run for quite awhile to get it running in the optimum temperature. I noticed the difference of my engine sound its quieter and doesn’t sound as if its about to break. Honestly its difficult to tell from the video than in real life but there were so much difference. After having it running to its optimum temperature I gave the bike a test ride.

The first time I sat on my bike and played with the throttle I can honestly tell that it feels lighter and definitely faster in some ways I can’t explain in words. So I rode the bike and immediately I could tell how responsive the bike is with Shell Oil. I was pretty afraid of riding my bike because it just felt different compare to how it was when I used ENI or Motul Engine Oil. I’m not regretting on using Shell Engine Oil and definitely would purchase them in future.

After all the hard work getting the bike dirty and riding it for a week without cleaning it’s about time I actually give this baby a wash. It’s looking fine and clean now.

I will find time to make a nice video or cinematic video for everyone to watch because a song just inspired me. It would probably be used for my next blog update.

Thank you for reading everyone. Have a great day ahead and goodnight to all my followers and readers.

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