I’m savouring my life with freedom and solitude for awhile.

I’ve been away from blogging for awhile now. I miss blogging no doubt I don’t have much readers but the least writing seems to help me express my feelings better instead of speaking. It’s difficult to express your feelings when you’re being judged by your surroundings. I don’t take judgments negatively but some are so bad that it affects me in so many different ways that it’s hard for me to be a positive person.

So much have been going on with my life be it personal or work. Never expected it to affect me drastically.

Let’s talk about work. Honestly no matter how much I express about work it’s still my job to complete task assigned by my bosses. Sometimes work is fine and at times work drives me nuts. Truck load of work that doesn’t end; perks of being in Operations!

The sheer amount of pain coming to the office every morning to look at this load not being cleared yet or being piled on over and over again after clearing them up. ‘Geez Louise‘ haha but despite all this “complaining” & “whining” about my job I’m just blessed that I still have a job to do. I just wish I had more hands to help me out with some of the work.

I’m probably missing out a lot in life with the current job I’m doing but still it’s a commitment I have to advance in what I do for my career. I just hope to see future progression in myself and not stuck where I am today. I’m thankful that the CEO sees the effort I’m putting in to ensure operations goes smoothly without hiccups here and there.

On a side note: This may come to a shock to most as you guys know how much I love sports bike especially Aprilia but here’s a tease/treat to your eyes. Finally a change of taste.

Kawasaki W175

Never thought that I’d be riding a bike like this one day. I saw so much potential in this bike. I know there are other bikes that’s similar but due to certain circumstances I decided to go Japanese. Maybe it’s a good change for me.

Life; what can I say? There are things that I don’t wish to express as it may affect me in so many ways, things I don’t wish to touch on or speak about with you all out there. Maybe when I feel better about it I shall let you readers feel and understand me better.

This will explain: Di Matamu – Sufian Suhaimi (Spotify)

It’s a song in Bahasa Melayu. You can find the translation for the lyrics in english. It will probably let you know what’s going on with me. I seem slightly dramatic, I know but oh well. Live goes on, you just got to keep fighting. Every failure in life I go through I take it as a life learning lesson.

Alright enough for the night. I shall write more often when I’m free. Remember smile and keep moving forward no matter how much life brings you down. Cheers and Goodnight everyone.

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