Today was pretty great. Work have always been insane despite knowing the fact that its Eve of Deepavali I still had pile of work to do. Besides doing the administrative work theres accounting work to do too! Vlookup on 8 different Microsoft Excel files and don’t for get SAP gosh hahaha it’s a nightmare but everything’s manageable.

My manager wanted me to leave work early today at 1500hrs but I couldn’t bare seeing the amount of load I have to deal with when I’m back at the office on Wednesday.

Thankfully this pile was done with some support given by my colleagues and manager. Without them I’d probably be sinking in sorrow at work. “Dramatic”

On a side note, it’s public holiday tomorrow. I don’t have to work! “Phew”. Happy Deepavali too all my Indian friends and readers out there. I hope you guys have a wonderful celebration. I’ve never celebrated Deepavali despite having Indian friends. Would really love to have that as an experience.

To be honest with about how I feel, I kind of miss riding my old bike (Luna) hahaha. Great memories, from loving to accidents, hiccups and such. Despite all that this bike have brought me where I am today. Missing those moments so much. Cruising down the sunset, riding up and down around Singapore and Malaysia. Getting that Top Gun feeling every time when I ride near Changi Airport or Paya Lebar Airbase. Hahaha I’m sorry I do have wild imaginations from time to time. It’s a good thing to be honest. Least what It did was made me happy and laugh at myself for being dumb.

All and all I hope everyone have a great day/night. It’s time for me to get some rest as its been a great yet a hell of a day for me.


Yet again sorry for a short post. My brain isn’t functioning well. Haha.

One for the night: Selamat Tinggal Sayang – Haqiem Rusli

So sorry for all the sad malay songs lately. Lyrics can be found in english. Haha.

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