Feeling Inspired!

Video Credit:

Omarannas – Instagram

Ghifara Prayudha – Instagram

I’m feeling super inspired by these guys from Indonesia. Their art and creativity for the custom modification for the bikes and also the production quality with the vintage looks and vibe is seriously astonishing. I’m feeling super inspired and stoked by just watching their videos.

I’ve always been fascinated by videos be it in a form of cinematography or others from different levels of skill. What I enjoy the most is having that feeling watching videos as such that makes you feel wow! It’s as if you were a part of something.

I know that my writings have been short lately but I have to let this out. I don’t get inspired to go forward with things easily but when I do, I hope with the effort I put into my work would somehow be achieved!

Shall write more soon. Have a great day everyone.

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