A day turned bad?

29 January 2019

Urgh, you just have that one day when you figured everything would be great but turns out bad instead. Well honestly I don’t have anyone to blame but myself.

I really need to work on my anger management. Truth is my level of patience is there, to tolerate things definitely. Yet there are some things that can simply tick me of. I need self control when it comes to anger. I’m never really good at that but somehow I need to find a way to make me better at managing it. I tried so hard not to lose it but I can’t seem to find a way to steer myself away from it. Being angry sucks because you have the tendency to do or say things that could hurt someone. Something I did wrong. Out of anger my words hurts someone I love. I obviously don’t blame her but myself.

I sometimes wish there’s a switch for me to switch off every time I’m angry. I do know that one thing that works and it’s praying but in the midst of travelling it may be difficult at times to find a place for prayers. I need a solution to contain it while being out doing my business and such. Maybe the solution is to actually fix me, I need more control to this but enough of this, maybe someday I’ll find a solution.

She loan me these books. Maybe these book will help me find some answer to keep me calm while handling/being in a difficult situation.

So enough of me yapping away with my anger issues. I faced some trouble last night because of my brake lights. Fortunate enough for me it was a easy fix. Never thought it was easy but it’s really that easy.

What happen was a car behind me came over and driver told me that “Bro, I think you brakes are jammed up together.” I told him that it’s impossible if not I’d notice how much weight and power i need just to move the bike. He said “Maybe you’re having some electrical issues.” Well props to that driver whoever he was for pointing that out if not I wouldn’t have known I was having a brake light that stayed stuck even while I was moving.

Like I said I’m lucky it was a easy fix. Thankfully what I had to go through was just some mechanical issue unlike my Aprilia it’s full of electronic that it could get really complicated sometimes. Some wrenching work and adjustments I got it fixed. When I realised how easy it was to fix, I actually talked to myself and said “Man I wish I had this bike before I had a Aprilia!.” Well I guess everything happens for a reason, you win some you lose some.

Genuinely feel so much safer now, knowing that others know I’m slowing down or stopping. So apparently this trustee bike is almost hitting it’s 500km(429km) mark. I was talking to myself do I really need to get it to 500km to get it serviced or should I just go and get it serviced before 500km. In another word I don’t see how that matters as it’s almost 500km.

30th January 2019

Got the bike serviced and it runs awesome now. Added a small bag that used to be on my bicycle, DIY modification. It’s a pretty straight forward bike after opening up some parts on my own.

Honestly it’s still a virgin. Everything was tight and there’s no room for slops, leakage and air. Good thing was it’s just a litre so one bottle of engine oil is enough for this bike. I can’t wait for it to reach 1000km so I can start using my preferred choice of engine oil which is from Shell. So technically during the break in period I’m using Mobil1 that they provided with Kawasaki Original Engine oil filter.

Here’s a short clip of my ride:

I made a short stop at Lor Halus to take a breather. Smoke a few sticks and sat down while I clear my mind with a pretty good view. If my girlfriend was around I guess she would have found a better place for me to relax and find peace.

Had a really good time just sitting and enjoying the breeze but it could have been so much better if I had you by my side. Hehe.

On my way back I found some loots. Someones wreck, my treasure. I’ve been talking to my girlfriend a lot about having bar end mirrors. To my surprise someone actually threw them away, it was attached to a Renthal Fatbar. The condition I would say its about 7/10 with some replacement of bolt and nuts I guess they would look brand new.

I guess it’s my lucky day.

Some minor defects but with a quick fix by changing bolts and nuts, paint work. It should look as good as new. Yet again it truly is a lucky day for me.

At the moment I don’t have any intentions to get the parts replaced as I’m already enjoying the way the bike is. It’s going to be a slow process of getting some new parts/accessories to be installed on this bike. Hats off it’s a lovely bike. Probably one of many few bikes I enjoy riding, most importantly the way the bike looks its so retro/old school.

P.S: I miss you so much! Hahaha she’s so cool!

I’m ending my blog here because I couldn’t think of anymore other interesting things to write about. Plus I wouldn’t be writing regularly it’ll be from time to time basis whenever I have something or when I’m free.

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