I never thought that it would come to this day that I’d fall in love with retro/vintage bikes or you could/would say a cafe racer.

I have been manipulated and inspired by my fiancée. Let me get this out because I grew up having to look at sports bike all the time. With my dad owning a Yamaha TZR 250 YPVS and my uncles having Cagiva’s, Ducati’s and MV Agusta. Growing up having to see all these bikes made me choose sports bike over any other bike.

Having to say this it doesn’t mean I’m never fond of retro/vintage stuffs but after having to meet my fiancée in life it have changed the way I look at bikes.

The loots I’ve got we cheap and it’s considered a steal. I was skeptical about getting a $10 clubman/ace handlebar so did my fiancée but I got it anyway after having a look and feel of how the handlebar itself was like and the quality of it should cost way more but it was a good deal and I’m loving it. The grip cost me $15 and it’s not really a great grip but it gets the job done, for the mirrors it’s even better more details about it from my previous post.

Let’s be honest, the bike is starting to look more like a cafe racer. Seeing how the bike looks from the day me and my fiancée got the bike to how it looks today it’s honestly a sweet looking bike and I’m falling in love with it as days goes by. Thank you for having me influenced to this and also for helping me so much in ever aspect of life. I truly appreciate having you around and having you to love me.

Last night I gave this bike a good wash/clean up and it’s something I do to show some sense of appreciation and love. Truly my fiancée is the one that’s been helping me get my life on track and get me where I needed to be and with this bike it’s a token of her love to me.

Install a exhaust heat wrap not those fiberglass type that could be cancerous and also sensitive to human skin. What I got is a titanium wrap made in USA for a good deal. $15 who wouldn’t want to grab it quick. Some say having exhaust wraps would destroy the pipe but that isn’t true. I’ve wrapped my bike so many times. It have never caused me any issues if done correctly.

I wouldn’t say having one wrapped is going to give you such performance but it helps with the gases to stay hot which helps the engine is some ways. It’s a very complex thing to explain in details but you can do some research about this. Aside from all these details it gives the bike that cool/rugged look. Cosmetically it gives the bike a more retro/vintage look.

Having the wrap installed also helps me from getting heat waves or burns on my leg. I some what melted a part of my shoe because of how hot the exhaust is and having it wrapped helped me solve this heat issue and also the engine runs quieter now and the exhaust note changed slight. The dB somehow increased but not significantly that it’s that loud, it’s still a stock pipe.

Having to look at how this bike is now is truly comfort to the eyes and soul.

I’m done with work and met my fiancée to go to a friends Birthday Party. It was fun and it was a great time having to spend it with friends and such.

After the party I rode my fiancée to a place I enjoy going, Lambeth Walk & Mornington Cres, the houses here is amazing! Sadly it was so dark around the area I couldn’t take pictures of it.

What happens when you’re riding and boomerang-ing for Instagram.

Now that the night ended I had a great time with my fiancée. These are the kind of things I enjoy doing the most having to roam around just going out there on our bike and not care about what’s happening around the world. I love you.

Future plannings for the bike:

I have the intentions to get a Hella Fog Lamp or a Vespa 5″ headlamp thats attached to a Vespa front rack as it would be the perfect fit/size for my bike and use it as an additional light to make the bike look more retro but having this headlamp attached on my bike is to act as a fog lamp that I’ll use during heavy rain and such.

With all that said I’m done with my blog for today.

P.S: I’ve never stopped loving you.

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