On a romantic side.

When was the last time I treated my fiancée with a proper date yet being romantic. I don’t even remember!

So I took the extra effort to show my appreciation and love for her with a simple gift and something I know she’d love. It may be small but I am pretty much happy with the way she reacted today.

I got her a sunflower because I believe roses and other flowers may or may not be common. Sunflowers are bright, warmth and they somehow make me feel the sense of happiness. With me giving her sunflower I hope she feel the warmth and happiness of me being around her. Heard/read from someone/somewhere that sunflowers also represent loyalty but that’s not the reason why I bought it for her know what it represents. Out of my love for her, I believe a sunflower represents our relationship being together. Despite all the troubled times we’ve had with each other yet we held on tight making it easy for us to love each other.

Well we wanted to go Spize at Temasek Club a pretty fancy place but we ended up going to East Coast Park to a local dine-in called Mr Briyani House/My Briyani House, whichever is right. All and all we had a great day spending time with each other and finally a proper date to pamper each other with love and food.

I am greatly honoured for having someone like her in my life, someone whom never fails at being by my side and showing me support in in many various ways I never expect to be given.

Given the short few hours of us spending some time together is enough for me to make me happy, feel loved and blessed and I definitely have to thank my fiancée for sticking up to my nonsense almost all of the time. Much love to the most wonderful woman in my life aside my very own mother.

Too more great times like this in the near future.

P.S: loving you each day without a doubt.

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