Define happiness.

There are many ways one would define happiness. For me it would be simple, spending time with your loved ones doing just about anything even if it’s simply just sitting around waiting for her to get her work done. It’s not just that, having some time with your family too is my way of fulfilling the happiness I have in life.

So technically what I’m about to lay down is that, I’ve been sitting around, rolling around and spinning around on a chair waiting. Waited for hours till my fiancée gets her work done in the office. I wouldn’t complain about it because she’s a manager so she has so many responsibilities at work that I may and may not understand but what I could do is support her in every way I could even if it gets me tired of waiting. Honestly it’s pretty fun because aside from disturbing her doing her work. I had all the ample time to talk with her colleagues/friends just about anything. They to shared their views in life and what truly makes them happy and such. It was a good talk least it allows me to occupy myself and some what understand what others face living in the tiny little red dot.

To be honest, I already knew what I had to do every time I have to follow her to the office. Finding things to do that doesn’t bother her time and looking at this amazing woman for hours. I couldn’t be any happier to do just that.

What she would do next when she starts to notice that I’m looking at her while giving her that look, she’ll go “Why are you looking at me that way?”. My normal respond to her would be “Why can’t I?” but what I would really wish to say is that “How did I ended up with someone so amazing like you?”. I would say that but I always kept it in my heart because I know she knows why I’m looking at her the way she wants me to look at her.

So we spend a couple of hours in the office me minding my own business while looking at everyone doing their work. We had lunch, we got Nasi Lemak Royale from Crave to be honest it’s pretty expensive but it’s worth it. I was bloated there was so much pressure in my stomach that it felt like it was going to explode. That’s how filling the food we ate was like.

So she completed the work that she needed to complete and we decided to leave. There we some minor sat backs about our plans, truthfully it’s my fault because I was lazy to walk that distance and we tried so hard to get a parking space. It was the funniest thing ever because we were going round and round and round looking for a parking spot and ended up going back home because it was so damn hot outside.

Living in this world for 28 years. I’ve learnt this technique of the expression on people’s faces and this face I’m looking at is one of those many few faces I wouldn’t be sick looking at everyday. She’s the love of my life and I’d go lengths just to see that her day is great and that shes happy. Hats off, who wouldn’t want their partner and loved ones to be happy.

Look at how sunny it is outside, it was so hot that sitting on a bike made me feel miserable but I will never stop riding! It’s a feeling you’ll never get elsewhere. I believe most riders out there would understand this feeling irregardless of what type of bike you’re riding. Honestly even being on a bicycle is awesome (I used to cycle alot!)

Back to where I was, so we headed to Scott/Orchard Rd trying to look for a parking space but sadly this is one of those places in Singapore where you can’t find a motorcycle lot easily so we gave up and decided to head over to Marina Bay Sands as an alternative because she wants to get some jewellery from Tiffany & Co. sadly it was so hot outside and with the traffic everywhere, we decided to head back home. I could tell my fiancée wasn’t really happy about it. “Remember, I said it’s my fault. Here’s why, it would have been easier if I parked at Cineleisure because that is where we normally park but because I was feeling a little lazy to walk we decided to look for a parking spot at Far East Plaza so we could head over to Takashimaya easily but sadly we were turning and turning and decided to head back.” I do apologise for this.

Despite not getting the jewellery she wanted I knew deep down inside she’s still happy having to spend time with me going round and round while laughing at each other for our bad sense of direction, it was that funny. We were shouting loudly because it was so noisy with the wind blowing through our faces. We were like turn left, no turn right. Keep going straight just go straight it’s going to be somewhere around this corner. Haha it was so funny I wish that was capture on camera, maybe someday I’ll invest on some onboard camera’s. All and all it was fun.

So we arrived home finally a bed, movie and a nice cold breeze from the fan. We watched Sing a animated movie. It was my first time watching it and I enjoyed it. After watching the movie she asked if I wanted to go out or just stay home. All I could say is you decide, it’s easier for me because if she wants to go out I’m always ready to bring here where she wants to go.

So we decided to go out and just ride. I ended up planning and rode her to a spot I used to go with a neighbour of mine if we cycled to Seletar.

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe. It a sweet spot at night by the runway giving you that TopGun feeling. I’m a person full of wild imagination and sometimes it’s good to have some imagination and on a side note, this is the first time she said that the spot I chose to go is good! Phew what a relief, I suck at having great spots because to me anywhere would still be great.

So we sat down order us some food and enjoy a wonderful dinner together at this lovely yet cozy place.

Another stomach fulfilment I guess. Gosh I have to start cycling again before the stomach gets any bigger! We had another romantic yet fun time together.

This is something she loves doing. There will never be a time that she never disturb me while I’m having my peace but having her and having her to do all these honestly gave me a lot of peace, love and happiness I need in life. That I always thank her for and appreciate the most.

Well as the night starts to fall our day is about to come to an end. I’m glad we had so much fun and all I hope for that everyone in this world feel as happy as I do, doing whatever they are doing that makes them happy be it alone or with some.

Thank you!

People often ask me why do I have to take pictures of the things I do or randomly. My response to this question: This is the reason why.

P.S: Have I ever stop telling and showing you that I love you?

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