All day everyday.

To start everything off, this post is mixed into different days and events. I would say that all the things that happened it happens for a reason and aside from that the days were pretty eventful, stressful, depressing but yet amazing. Embracing everything (redha).

Accompanied a close friend of mine Sufi since morning in search for his new bike. We literally travelled half the island trying to look for the best quotation the market could get us but due to some financial constraints we had to sit down and properly discuss and decide what we should do and so we did.

It was a nightmare as it’s not an easy bike to look for and it wasn’t that easy to get the cheapest price range we could get to sustain the finance. My friend had to think and I had to do all his calculation before actually moving forward with the decision.

The bike he wanted is a Brixton 125 X/CX apparently it’s a new bike and the demand for it is low yet the cost is high and the stocks we limited. We were at LVCustom drawing out every bit of details and pouring out every energy we had to brainstorm a solution but we ended up going to GP Motoring to get the bike as there were some delay with LVCustom finance side.

All and all it was a lengthy, tiring and exhausting day. Yet it was fun. I decided to hit a shop I found at some point of time when I was travelling alone on my bike in search of my inner self and I came across First East Centre. Having to pass by the shop at a slow speed I noticed there were some vintage/old motorcycle stuff that was on display and decided to check it out. #01-10 was the unit number for the shop and I started noticing a lot of stuff that would actually help me with the modifications I had in mine. So after settling some stuff that needed my attention. I headed over and got the spokes person there to attend to my queries and without a doubt all questions were answered and I decided to proceed with the modification as it was and definitely the cheapest in town.

The process of getting my custom bracket made was such a long process because I specifically requested for a complex design yet works in various ways. They machinists/mechanic had to actually draw and figure out what I wanted and in no time it was looking well as what I pictured.

The bike was then placed on the workstation that would ease the mechanics work and there you go from having to customise my bracket I too had the chance to visualise things and managed to get my IU Unit placed in a position that I wanted. After everything was in place it’s time to do the rewiring and I specifically told the mechanic not to cut my original wires but instead try to reroute everything with the same wires and he did a awesome job getting that done.

So here’s how it looks with the vintage fog light on my bike and I should say the bike looks even more cooler and neater with the modifications made.

The reason I wanted to have this installed one is for the cafe racer look and the other as I have intentions to go on a long haul tour from Singapore – Melaka probably somewhere around mid of 2019 or late 2019. Having this fog light would save my ass riding in the dark Malaysian road.

I am honestly satisfied with how everything turned out and I so happy with it.

So as I’m typing his down, I just came back from Woodlands Industrial area to meet an old friend whom is specialised with custom decals and wrapping service for various vehicles and spent the night sitting around and having a long chat about what’s happening in my life.

So while we were having a chat I had a custom design of how I wanted my IU Unit to look like.

Welcome to Gemok Stickerz SG. It was a sight for sore eyes having to see an old friend. So back to the custom decal design I had in mind. Sat for nearly 2 hours to get it perfected and everything was set and printed to my preference.

It started of with a matt black base that I wanted and look at how stealthy the bike is now.

Some adjustment and sticking sticky stuff on there you go. Starting to look neater.

Everything was in place with the way I wanted it to be and it looks really sweet! I spent nothing on this as it was on the house. I have to thank my friend for this as I was called to head over and see if I wanted any custom sticker/decal done.

I had an amazing night and I couldn’t ask for me than to have this despite the unfortunate events that recently happened in my life.

I have to end my post here as it’s been a long day for me from being at work, getting home, going to Woodlands to get this done and meeting Sufi for a short talk/catch up session. It was a great day/night spent well.

Thank you for having the time to read.

Goodnight everyone,

Your’s Truly,

Syed Al’Bukhary.

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