Trying to make myself happy.

So today I spent a sum of money that I have kept for about a week just so I can keep my mind of things. Needless to say it wasn’t much but just SGD$80. Well by now most of you would have already know it’s definitely on a motorcycle.

I’ve decided that maybe it should just do it because it’s something I’ve been wanting to do and never really had the intentions to do until today. It was fun seeing how the bike slowly start to look different. It isn’t much but the difference is definitely there.

Life have been driving me nuts, I’ve been spinning round and round. With gods grace and blessing I’ve got a job interview on Monday well that’s definitely a good news for me. Its with WWF; not World Wrestling Federation but World Wide Fund for Nature. It’s pretty interesting but I’m not sure how it’s like until I actually go for the interview. We shall see what’s it like after the interview.

Alright back to the actual topic. So I modded my bike it was a simple mod. Nothing drastic yet but it’s getting there with the cafe racer look that I intend to go with.

For now it’s the rear chrome fender, 2 small chrome rear signal light and a small plate holder with a round light that’s similar to a bobber & a brat style cafe racer, if I got the terms right.

The progress so far. Getting the wire cut and loosing them bolts and nuts.

The bike is naked now. It looks neat but sadly in Singapore it’s a must to have a rear mudguard/fender. The fine can be pretty hefty with illegal modifications as such. In Singapore you can’t even chop the frame and weld a different metal as it destroys the safety aspect of the original frame. I don’t see it as destroying but the government does. So I shall play within the limit of the law in Singapore.

So this guy Casper has been dealing with me a lot and his enjoying looking at how much my bike is progressing to the way I want it to look like. I’m pretty happy and satisfied with his work as it’s being done neatly and nicely. Here Casper is taking the measurements to adjust and compensate for my bike as the rear fender is for a different bike but the fixture fits nicely with some modifications done here and there.

After seeing the fender being placed nicely I’m super delighted with the way it looks right now. As we move forward, my mechanic is getting his hands dirty with the wiring and additional holes to mount the plate holder and the lights. It’s 100% customised and I’m loving the way it looks. Got me excited and I couldn’t wait for the finishing result.

With the fender and the plate mounted. It was down to the last bit which is the signal lights! Looking at how the bike is right now got me so excited but the modification for this bike doesn’t end there. I still need to change my front fender and also my seat. In the near future a new colour scheme; gunmetal and some racing stripes. “Hopefully that day comes!”

The custom bracket for the new signal lights is just a simple design that works so well. I’ve browsed the internet looking for an adapter but this is sufficient enough and remember all this cost $80/- which includes customising, installation and rewiring, I couldn’t ask for more as the price alone was already satisfying!

And here it is the finishing product/result. Like I’ve said earlier there’s still more but due to financial constrain I had to make do with what I have and I am definitely super happy with what I’ve got. I’d probably head back over to meet Casper on Monday for my front fender! Got it at a good deal after sitting and talking. I’m so happy I’ve found this shop with various accessories that I can never stop looking at!

That’s all for today. Thank you for having the time to read. Goodnight lovely people. I hope everyone is happy with what they are doing.

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