Life as we know it.

“Nothing much to say or do. Taking life the way it is right now. Whatever comes, come. Whatever goes, go. Laying back while I watch the world around me move rapidly.”

I’m so happy as today was such a great day. I enjoyed most of the time riding, talking to people and doing deliveries. It was such a hectic day roaming around with the sun blazing and the short change of weather, from being sunny to slight rain/drizzle. It was so intense that I couldn’t wait behind a car while being in traffic. It was so hot I almost cursed. “Hahahaha!” Then came the dark clouds something I can appreciate no doubt it was only for a short period of about 20-30minutes and some rain.

So in 3.4hrs I made about 18 deliveries which is about SGD$148/- excluding the incentives & quest. I didn’t expect GrabFood to be this awesome as I was the first batch with UberEats and having bought over by Grab. The orders at that time wasn’t much but going back to this delivery service was amazing. I’m expecting to get say around $100+ this Tuesday for the incentive & also for completing the weekday & weekend quest. Finally, my acceptance rate increased after the Tech Support mistakenly deducted my AR.

So tomorrow is definitely going to be a long day for me yet again. Waking up at 10am to prepare myself for “work” (Delivery) but before all that I’ll be heading over to the bike shop to get my front fender replaced with a chrome & short one; FINALLY!. Aside all that I’m happy with what I have now and I shall slowly progress to do better as I go further and not forgetting the people whom have got me to where I’m at today, to be exact it’s that one and only person that I can never forget but yet I have to because it’s not going to be healthy for me to live a life of mine.

I took a short break from work, a much needed break not only for me but for the bike too. I’m going to keep on working hard until I actually have a actually job. Not forgetting that I have a Interview set for tomorrow at 2pm but I may need to reschedule that interview to Wednesday as I have a lot of things on hand tomorrow. Yes, most would say I need to prioritise things but there are things that I may need to handle first before all this. Like I’ve said, I’m happy where I’m at now as I slowly progress in life at my pace. No doubt it’s slower than others but I know I’ll get there while being comfortable.

This bike I’m riding brings a lot of fond & unwanted memories but yet I still appreciate every bit spent with it. I somehow believe it will get me where I need to get myself with some effort.

All and all I ended the night being happy and also a mechanic to a friend. His bike wouldn’t start and the problem was the battery. Made arrangements for him to get his bike towed to the shop to a mechanic that I trust the most.

Goodnight everyone and have a great day/night.

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