Bad day, it’s okay!

So today was a pretty ok kind of day. Woke up super early to get some of my unnecessary things done which was good that I’ve got that done and over with.

The day was pretty hectic with the rain going on and off but despite all that I still had work to do. It was tiring because the weather keeps on changing and I got super dehydrated because of it. Made some delivery’s during the peak hour. I almost died getting hit by a bus because he did check if I was in the middle lane before changing lanes but thank god I didn’t but it was scary, can’t blame the driver as the visibility of the road was a nightmare. Nothing was visible but only 10meter of the road and white lines.

My bike is getting ready for it’s small facelift. Getting it there and also getting the hang of things and life. Aside from the facelift it’s about time my bike had it’s service done. All I can say was shit! The engine oil & filter is so black and dirty. Didn’t expect this to happen that early but what can I say doing deliveries has it’s pros and cons.

It’s really that bad, not so bad but bad. Simply bad. So while letting the engine oil flow out completely. Casper took the liberty to customise my fender while waiting for the engine to settle down. It honestly when through a rough day.

I’m so happy that I found another mechanic that I can trust fixing my bike when needed. It’s such a wonderful feeling.

I kind of love the way the bike looks like without a front fender. Looks clean! But sadly it’s better to have one it’ll make the bike less dirty for sure.

While the bike was getting done with all the stuff. I was busy being trigger happy taking pictures unnecessarily. This I have to admit because I love looking back at old pictures and telling myself wow this happened huh how great it made me feel. Hence I tend to take a lot of pictures to keep them as a memory be it good or bad. Life is simply just life. Appreciate when it’s there and also when it’s no longer there.

I’m satisfied with this simple modification that I’ve decided to have. The bike looks different, not much but its getting there. Slowly but surely. Loving this as I have every opportunity to look at different pictures of how the bike is slowly progressing. I shouldn’t be spending much but then again I do have some savings just in case anything where to happen. It’s not plenty but it’s enough for now.

So despite the rain and after getting the bike done, I continued with deliveries. So I’ve earned about $60/- additional after spending some on my motorbike and something bad really happen that I had to fork out $45/- to get my bike fixed. I knew that one day it will happen but I didn’t expect it to happen today while I was doing my delivery! It was my 4th delivery right after getting my bike modded.

My clutch cable snapped! Damn wasn’t expecting that so I had to call in GrabFood Support to get the order from me and deliver it to the customer and split the bills accordingly. Now that’s done. I had to find a way to get my bike moving so I remembered what I used to do when I was riding a Vespa. It’s a nightmare to pull the clutch with just your hand and not have any leverage. You’re pulling something that’s vital to the engine and your gear system. So I had to do what I had to do pull the cable out of its housing and use my hands to pull the cable it’s a nightmare. I swear I was having a hard time in life but I believe it’s a test from god to see how much perseverance and patience I have as a person. Needless to say, at some point I just gave up with pulling and pushed my bike from Bedok North Ave 2 all the way to Kaki Bukit to get my bike fixed.

First and foremost, there’s no agent here in Singapore for Kawasaki and having spare parts would take at least a day or two. Thankfully I had Casper to help. So I gave him a call and he was willing to wait for me before closing his shop. So he allowed me to enter the staff area to look for the cable that I wanted. So I remember Vespa had almost the same length as my current cable but slightly longer because Vespa at the era was using a column shift which requires a longer cable attached to its clutch system and lever. So I when through his entire store room to look for that specific cable and fortunate enough for me it was the last piece; new old stock (NOS). It was a relief for me that I could get the bike moving again.

So while Casper was getting that cable installed on my bike and decided not to bother him and have a look at some of his dad bike collections. Normally there would be 3 Honda’s put on display but there’s only 1 just now. Note, the bikes are still working and damn I wished I had the money to have bikes like that but I’m still happy with what I have.

What a awesome looking bike its a Honda CB200 and what’s even more awesome is that It’s running 2 Cylinders; what this does is that, It makes the bike sound so much more wonderful. It’s sounds big and muscular and I tend to wonder why isn’t there anymore small cc bikes made with 2 cylinders. I shall not stress on that much but I hope manufacturers take that into consideration. It would be more powerful and sounds better than just have a single cylinder.

Wrapping the day/night up, I’m just glad I made it back home in one piece and also the bike that I care and appreciate the most about is back home too. Gave it a good wipe before I head home and hoping to have the time to wash it up soon.

Now it’s time for me to have my rest. Thank you and have a goodnight/day to everyone.

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