Sigh, there’s not a day that I could actually stop thinking or feeling. It sucks, it sucks big time. End.

Anyway I decided to swap the stock tyres as they are insanely slippery and I almost died because od it.

I made a turn going about 5-10kmph the surface wasn’t really that wet and my rear just slipped, thankfully I managed to control the bike if not it would have been a pretty bad fall even though I was going really slow.

I tried cornering on a dry tarmac it was pretty scary too, figured the traction was going to be there and the grip from tyres would be there too but to my surprise there isn’t much. So instead of risking my life riding a death machine, I’ve decided to trade in my stock tyres to a tyre that’s relatively better than the one from the factory, on the plus side I took a slightly wider tyre. 90/90 x 17 front & 110/90 x 17 rear.

Kind of made the bike looks slightly bigger but the least is I have the grip/traction I need when its dry or wet.

A side from that I had to actually replace the drum brakes it cost me $35/- sigh. What happen was the brake shoe was burning causing so much friction, noise, unwanted smell and smoke. So to make things better and also for me to feel safer while riding this bike, I had my wheels dismantled and figure I could fit a Yamaha RXZ drum brakes but unfortunately they were small for my bike and I had to look around for a different brake that actually works.

So after all the hassle, I’ve found one that works and it’s from a Suzuki. Had it installed back and did some brake part cleaning everything seems to be normal now. All this didn’t happen in just one day. I just decided to write whatever that I was facing for the whole entire week. It was hectic but thankfully everything’s fine now.

The new tyres looks fine and I didn’t have to pay a cent for it for the trade in except for the installation. At least I feel safer now.

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