2811, SATVB Came to work today as usual got to be the safety officer again. Whats new?! So today I'm being deployed to South ATVB (Anti Terrorism Vehicle Barrier) one of the most crucial areas of my working place. Every vehicle that enters here needs to go through 100% checks interior and exterior of the [...]

It’s a long day!

26 Novemeber 2017 Alright, let me start of with tell everyone that's been sticking around my blog or just passing by. I've finally cleared Practical 6 for my motorbike license it's one of the most difficult practical and easiest to collect demerit points. My instructor said he could pass me but he wants to see [...]

It’s been awhile.

I haven't been blogging for quite awhile. I wouldn't blame life on it despite how hectic it could be sometimes. Honestly I ran out of ideas/inspiration but I'm giving myself another go at blogging and maybe talk a little about what's been going on with my life and myself. Plus I don't really know what [...]

New upgrades?!

Here's some new updates, mainly focusing on my bicycle. I recently bought myself a new wheelset and it's seriously awesome. The only reason why I'm upgrading because I bought a 2016 Campagnolo Record 11 Speed groupset hence the change of wheelset. My old Zipp 60 doesn't have any upgrade available anymore as its stuck with [...]

Lack of updates

It's been a busy month for me hence the lack if updates. I sincerely apologize for those who follow me or often drop by my blog for updates or just to read. Been really busy lately at work and outside life. Taking the time now to write and share some stuffs with you guys. Anyway [...]