Bike talk?

Well let's be honest, everyone who owns a bike will always want what's best for his or her bike and how you want it running or how pristine you want the condition of the bike to be. We'll let me talk about how I'd like my bike to run. Yes Aprilia's are a pain in [...]


So many problems, my In-Vehicle Unit is damaged and my engine temperature went up high infact it so high that I got so scared earlier this morning. Left my bike at my carpark first to let the engine cool down and head down to Revology Bikes before I had to work. Earlier this morning met [...]

What a day well spent!

A pretty long day I should say honestly. Woke up super early this morning I had to thank my dad for that because I persuaded him to wake me up because of how much I wanted to get my bike serviced. He wanted to follow me but I adviced him not to because my suspensions [...]

New Beginning?

Took me a year to be back home. Honestly all this new year resolutions people listing out should stop. Keep it yourself and prove to yourself what you could do better or goals you wish to achieve. So let's begin with how I spent my new year. Headed out to the mosque didn't expect the [...]


Been spending a lot of time riding my bike (Luna) named by my girlfriend. Well it may sound like a pornstars name but to me it's the moon, lighting up the night as I ride the bike through the streets/town. It's a beautiful bike not many would understand why I choose Aprilia over other brands. [...]