YouTube Channel: YouTube - Syed Al'Bukhary Alright lets talk about what I've been doing during my off day. Hahaha, to be honest its all about cleaning the house, chilling most of the time and waking up super early in the morning to go cycling. (Watch the video) Well breakfast was great I cycled to the [...]

What’s Happening?

28 June 2017 - Wednesday Firstly I would like to apologize for not updating my blog regularly as I've been very busy for the past couple of days or weeks. Life is great so far and I'm enjoying the company I have at work. Colleagues are awesome, work life is great and family life is [...]

Being Happy.

Okay, if you asked me whether I'm happy with my life. I'd honestly tell you I am happy without any hesitation at all. First and foremost I have a family whom is willing to understand and support me with the things I do in life that matters a lot to me really. I may not [...]


Alright I've gotten my permanent posting at Changi Airport Terminal 4 but I'll be losing a partner SGT. Tang. He had made the decision to get posted at CAC (Changi Airfreight Centre) and it's final, nothing can persuade him to go to Terminal 4. It's pretty sad for me as I'm close with him but [...]

Crazy Rich Asians

Alright let's talk about Crazy Rich Asians. I just came across this title when I was deployed for special duty at work today. It's being filmed in Singapore and I heard it's being put into play from a Novel by Kevin Kwan. The film set was based in Singapore so I'm guessing the novel itself [...]

Are photo’s enough?

So sorry everyone I haven't been updating my blog. It's been a seriously long and hactic couple of days for me a my colleagues.  Back to where I left you guys hanging, the plainclothes duty was pretty awesome and tiring. Me and Sgt. Tang ended work pretty late at about 11PM and arrived home probably [...]

Oh why?!

Okay so I was tasked to do Special Ops today but sadly they wanted us to be in full uniform first instead of plainclothes.  Damn, they told us to go back home and wear our uniform and bring the plainclothes. Thankfully my house is nearby the airport. The traffic was insane today it's so heavy [...]